You Can Now Send Crypto Using Telegram—Here’s How

Many of us use Telegram to easily communicate with friends, family, and co-workers while enjoying the benefit of end-to-end message encryption. But Telegram isn’t just useful for socializing. Now, you can send crypto to your Telegram contacts in a matter of seconds. So, how does this work? How do you use Telegram to send crypto?

Buying or Depositing Crypto on Telegram

If you want to send crypto to one of your Telegram contacts, it’s important to note that you can’t send just any kind of coin or token. At the moment, Telegram only lets you send crypto in the form of Toncoin (Telegram’s own token), and you’ll need to have Toncoin funds in your wallet before sending anything.

To access your Telegram wallet, head to the search bar at the top right of your home screen and enter “wallet.” Then, tap the search result named Wallet. This will take you to a chat with a Telegram bot that will break down what exactly the wallet feature offers. You’ll also be able to see how much Toncoin you have in your wallet, which will be at zero if you’re just getting started.

In this bot chat, you’ll see an option at the bottom reading Add to Attachments Menu. You’ll want to click on this and then confirm in the pop-up message that you want to add the wallet feature to your attachments. Doing this will allow you to quickly access and use your wallet in any chat.


In the same bot chat, you’ll be given the option to add Toncoin to your bot wallet. You can either do this by depositing funds from another wallet or buying funds via a payment card on the Telegram app.

To deposit funds, simply tap on the Deposit option within the chat, and then consent to sharing your phone number with Telegram. After this, you’ll be provided with your unique Telegram wallet address that you can use to send funds from any other wallet.

To buy crypto with a payment card, click on the Buy crypto by card option within the chat. You’ll then be sent a new message asking whether you’d like to buy Toncoin or Bitcoin (but note that you currently cannot send Bitcoin via Telegram). After you click on which you’d like to buy, you can choose whether you want to use USD, EUR, or RUB to make your purchase. Then, you can select how much you’d like to buy.

You’ll then be notified in the chat that your selected amount will be sent to your bot wallet after you pay. To pay, you’ll be redirected to a payment portal, wherein you’ll need to verify your identity by supplying a relevant document and taking a photo of yourself.

So, now that you have crypto in your bot wallet, how can you send it to your contacts?

Sending Crypto on Telegram

Sending crypto on telegram is a super simple process that you can get done in no time. Once you’ve added Telegram’s wallet feature to your attachments, you can head into any chat you want and hop to your wallet easily.

Your attachments can be accessed by clicking on the paper clip icon next to the chatbox. Here, you’ll see how much you have in your wallet, and you’ll be given the option to send crypto to your contact of choice.

An awesome perk about sending Toncoin via Telegram is that you won’t have to deal with any transaction fee. And, without the need to enter long wallet addresses beforehand, sending crypto on Telegram is super convenient. It’s a great way to transfer decentralized funds in seconds without any additional charges.

Sending Crypto Is Easy Using Telegram

With Telegram’s new crypto feature, you can enjoy the convenience of quick transactions without using a separate exchange or wallet platform. Simply deposit or purchase Toncoin, choose the contact you want to pay, and you can send crypto whenever and wherever you want.

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