Why You’ll No Longer Need an Apple Watch to Use the Fitness App on iOS 16

With iOS 16, you can track workouts in the Fitness app using just your iPhone. Here’s why that’s a big deal.

Amid all the new features announced for iOS 16, the software update which will bring an exciting new range of features to improve the iPhone user experience, there was interesting news about Apple’s Fitness app.

Could the iPhone Fitness App Fill in for an Apple Watch?

Until now, iPhone users have needed an Apple Watch to help track their fitness goals by closing the Move ring. With iOS 16, you’ll be able to set up a daily Move goal and close it by tracking active calories and workouts from third-party fitness apps in the Fitness app on iPhone, too—no Apple Watch required.


Apple Watch users will already be familiar with setting daily activity goals, with Move, Exercise, and Stand targets all depicted as rings which you close by meeting set targets. The drive to “close the rings” helps motivate you to remain active throughout the day. Each week, the device invites you to revise your targets upward or downward, depending on your success in the preceding week. And you can view and analyze your data in the Fitness app on iPhone.

In iOS 16, you will no longer need your Apple Watch to record this information. Instead, your iPhone will use motion sensor technology to track your steps, distance covered, and exercise sessions, including workouts you track with third-party apps. It will use that information to estimate your active calories burned, and this will contribute to your daily Move goal.

Sharing Your Fitness Data for Motivation From Others

You’ll also be able to share your Move ring with friends and family in the iOS 16 Fitness app for additional motivation and to push each other to achieve your activity goals. Similarly, iOS 16 will let you share any health information you have stored in the Health app with your loved ones. These could prove to be invaluable updates to your iOS devices’ health tracking features, whether you’re chasing your own fitness goals or helping manage a loved one’s health.

Don’t miss even more of the best iOS 16 features announced at WWDC 2022.

When Will iOS 16 Be Available?

Apple’s iOS 16 software becomes available as a beta for developers shortly after the WWDC keynote ends, with a public beta typically arriving in the following weeks. The new software will be available for everyone in Fall 2022.

Health Tracking Continues to Improve on iOS

Even as the Apple Watch continues to improve with more detailed health metrics and hardware sensors, iOS 16 brings some of the Apple Watch’s features right to the iPhone. That could make health and fitness tracking accessible to many more people.

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