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Why Does It Say “User Not Found” on Instagram?

If you’re active on Instagram, you’ve probably come across the “user not found” error. Perhaps, you even came across it while trying to access a friend’s profile.

In this article, we’ll explain the various reasons why you may come across a “user not found” message on Instagram.

What Does “User Not Found” Mean on Instagram?

The “user not found” error on Instagram can occur for a number of issues ranging from account deactivations to typos to potential blocks.

Here are some probable reasons why you’re seeing the “user not found” error…

1. The Account is Temporarily Disabled

Instagram is a fun tool to use, but it’s also common to find people who sometimes just want to take a break from it for a while. And while some people are fine with just logging off or uninstalling the Instagram app from their device, some prefer to disable their accounts too.

For those people, deactivating their accounts temporarily helps get their minds off the platform completely until whenever they feel they’re ready to return.

You’ll get the “user not found” notice when you try to visit these profiles because Instagram deems temporarily deactivated accounts as non-existent until they’re reactivated.

2. The Account Has Been Deleted

Another reason why you may be getting the “user not found” message is that the user has deleted their account. This could be because the user has had enough of Instagram, found another app to use instead, or they just don’t need it anymore.


Instagram displays the “user not found” notice when you try to access the profiles pages of deleted accounts.

3. The User Has Been Banned

Not everyone decides to leave Instagram by themselves—some get booted off. If a user violates Instagram’s terms of service: spreads hate speech, abuses other users, or engages in illegal behavior, then their account can be banned.

In that case, the reason you are seeing the error might be because of Instagram’s ban on the account. Instagram also restricts the accounts of users who have been reported by others. Trying to visit these profiles while they’re restricted will similarly result in the “user not found” error.

4. User Not Found? You May Have Mistyped the Username

There are over a billion registered accounts on Instagram. This makes getting a unique, easy-to-read, and easy-to-spell username harder than most users would like.

In order to find unique usernames, some users resort to weird character combinations that aren’t spelled as pronounced, can easily be misspelled, or can easily be forgotten.

This might also cause you to get the “user not found” message when trying to access the profile because you’ve missed a letter or character in their username.

You can fix this by asking the user to type and send their username or profile link to you. Or you could also search for other accounts that interact with them and search for the username in their follower or following list.

5. The User Changed Their Username

People change usernames on Instagram for various reasons. Some do it to reflect a change in their self-identity.

Whatever the reason for the change was, trying to access the profile of a user that has changed their username could also be the reason you’re getting the “user not found” response.

You can sort this out by getting the updated username.

6. You’ve Been Blocked

If none of the options above explains why you’re getting the “user not found” notice when trying to access a user’s profile, then chances are you’ve been blocked.

Being blocked is not always personal. Usually, people block people who they don’t want to see their content. Lots of celebrities also block followers to prevent negative comments.

If you suspect that you’ve been blocked, the best way to confirm it would be to ask a mutual friend to check if they can access the profile or not. If they can, then you’ve probably been blocked.

There are also a few other methods you can use to check if someone blocked you on Instagram.

Now You Know What “User Not Found” Means on Instagram

Instagram does not provide a detailed explanation when it displays the “user not found” notice, but these are the most common reasons why you may encounter this error.

If it happens that it’s a block that’s making you get the “user not found” error, it’s important to respect the person’s decision—whether you agree with it or not.

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