What Is the New Hummer Extract Mode and How Do You Get It?

The new Hummer—an iconic classic of the American big-car culture, reimagined for the EV revolution—has been a massive hit among its fanbase, with reservations sold throughout 2022 and GMC leveling up production to meet demands.

When it comes to off-road, the new Hummer shows up to play hard. And GMC announced that one of the new Hummer’s off-road features that was not available in the first editions will now be hitting the streets. As extreme as it sounds, Extract Mode raises the new Hummer using a dynamic suspension. It assures drivers a way out of any terrain, no matter how rough.

Hummer Nation reported in 2020 that General Motors filed a new trademark that hinted to the new capabilities of the Hummer EV. The Extract Mode trademark was filed on October 13, 2022, with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In the patent, the words; “Electronic suspension control systems for motor land vehicles” brought excitement among the audience. Was GMC going to equip the new Hummer with an automatic suspension system that could change the vehicle’s height with the push of a button? The answer was, Yes.

Big and rather heavy vehicles, like the Hummer, can find off-road driving more challenging than lightweight vehicles. A beast of an electric engine, delivering as much as 1,000 horsepower and technologies like Extract mode are GMC’s solution to that conundrum. Additionally, with 300 miles of range fully charged, range anxiety is not a concern for Hummer drivers.

When drivers need to get over or out of a tough spot, need an extra height, or traverse through boulders and water, all they have to do is initiate the Extract Mode, and the EV Hummer will activate its Adaptive Air Ride Suspension.

This raises the entire car by approximately 6″ to surmount thought obstacles. In standard mode, the Hummer can ford up to 26″ of water, but in Extract mode, it can deal with up to 32″ of water.

The Extract Mode can be engaged and disengaged through the Driver Mode Control dial found in the center console. First, drivers must rotate the dial to Terrain Mode. Secondly, the Raise button on the Driver Mode Control must be pressed (if starting at normal ride height, several pushes of the Raise button must be made). Finally, to deactivate Extract Mode, drivers must select a lower ride height by pressing the Lower button.

Extract Mode can only be activated when the Hummer cruises at speeds less than 12 mph, GMC’s official EV Hummer owner manual reveals. Additionally, before selecting Extract Mode, drivers must ensure the vehicle is in Terrain Mode, and the steering wheel must be centered. The active suspension system might also heat up and take some time to cool down.

As of July 1, 2022, all new Hummers will leave the GMC factory floor with Extract Mode fully operational. However, there are a few buyers who have already received their Hummer. These are eligible to get Extract Mode as well.

Users who already have an EV Hummer can gain access to Extract Mode in two steps. First, an over-the-air (OTA) software update. Secondly, they will need to visit their local dealership to change the vehicle’s ride height sensor.

Other New Hummer Off-Road Amazing Tech

Extract Mode is not the only impressive off-road technology that the new Hummer has. One of the most innovative off-road abilities of the vehicle is the Crabwalk. Thanks to its 4-wheel steer (that’s right, each wheel can steer, including the rear wheels) the Hummer can literally move like a crab: sideways. The limitations for the Crabwalk are of course, speed.

Another impressive tech is the Hummer’s Ultravision. The pickup model has eighteen cameras and the SUV seventeen. These include waterproof underbody forward and rear-facing cameras. The system gives drivers a real-time 360-vision, including under the vehicle.

Finally, the new Hummer also comes with Full Underbody Armor. Solid steel plates shield the differential and the battery pack. While driving on the mountain, river beds, or sands, hitting anything from below is not something Hummer drivers have to worry about. The Hummer with its off-road mastery adds another point to the key benefits of driving an EV.

Inside-Out and Inspiring Machine

Undoubtedly the Hummer is one of the best EV pickups on sale now. Ten years ago, the last vehicle anyone would have expected to go electric was the Hummer. But, once again, the legend is out on the streets and hits off-road country.

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