What Is a Battery Report in Windows, and How Do You Create One?

How’s your laptop’s battery faring? If you’re unsure, here’s how to create a battery report in Windows.

The battery of your Windows laptop will degrade over time, and unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to stop that process once it begins. However, knowing the state of your battery will help you take better care of it so it lasts longer.

Fortunately, Windows allows you to generate a battery report so you don’t have to guess how well your battery is doing.

What Is a Battery Report in Windows?

A battery report is an HTML document that provides a detailed overview of the battery’s performance on your Windows device. When you open the report, you’ll be able to see the battery’s specs, usage, and charge capacity.

Some of the insights you can discern when looking at the battery report include:

  • How well you’ve been using the battery over time.
  • The battery’s remaining capacity.
  • The rate at which the battery’s capacity has degraded over time.
  • The current lifetime estimate of your battery.
  • If the battery has a problem or is defective.

How to Create a Battery Report

To generate a battery report, press Win + R to open the Windows Run dialog box. Enter cmd in the text box and hit Enter to open Command Prompt.

In Command Prompt, enter the below command:

powercfg /battery report

Once you press Enter, Windows will generate a report for your battery. If you look below the command you entered in the cmd window, you’ll see the file path where Windows saved the report.


To open the battery report, navigate to where it’s located and double-click on it.

Since Windows saves the battery report as an HTML file, it will load into your default browser, and you can read its contents.

At first glance, the battery report might seem intimidating, but it’s not that hard to understand once you scroll through it.

Use the Battery Report to Take Better Care of Your Battery

A battery report is an important tool for analyzing your battery’s health in Windows. You should use it often to develop good battery habits that will increase the battery’s longevity. It can also help you identify the root cause of an underperforming battery or let you know when it’s time to replace it.

Try it out and see how it works for you.

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