The iPod Is Dead: Here Are 3 Reasons Why Apple Is Making a Big Mistake

After almost two decades, Apple is discontinuing the iPod, but there are still good reasons why you might want to pick one up. Since its launch all the way back in 2001, the iPod has gone from being Apple’s most iconic product to sitting on the back burner of Apple’s product line.

Even though the iPhone has taken the iPod’s glory, the iPod touch still makes a great device for kids or people who love to stay active, and you can get it for a great price. In fact, we think there are a few reasons why Apple is wrong to discontinue the iPod.

1. The iPod Is Crazy Cheap

If you’re curious about jumping into the Apple ecosystem but don’t want to take the plunge with an iPhone that could cost you over $1000, the iPod touch is a great way to get started.

You can pick up the iPod touch for just $199, making it a great entry point to the world of Apple. Not only will you get a device with full access to Apple-exclusive features and services, like Apple Music, FaceTime, and iMessage, but you’ll also be able to access tons of games and other content from the App Store.

That’s a lot of bang for your buck.

2. It’s a Great Device for Kids

These days we’re surrounded by technology, and children are getting exposed to tech and smart devices at earlier and earlier ages. That being said, a lot of parents may not want to unleash a fully connected iPhone on their kids before while they’re still young. If you’re tired of handing over your phone to your kids every time they want to play a game or watch a video, an iPod touch can be a great first device.


The iPod touch lets your kids access all their favorite apps and games, and built-in parental controls makes it easy to restrict their activity online. It’s also a great way to make sure they don’t spend too much on the web. Because it’s a device without a SIM card, if your kids are in a place without Wi-Fi, they won’t be able to get on the internet. That means saving money on a data plan and helping you set healthy limits on your children’s screen time.

3. It’s a Great…Music Player

While that iPhone 13 Pro Max might be great for watching videos and making FaceTime calls, carrying around a large and bulky device might not be so handy when you’re out for a jog. iPhones have gotten bigger and bigger over the years, and while they have all the functionality of the iPods and MP3 players of the past, they’ve sacrificed some of their portability.

Getting an iPod as a secondary device means you’ve got a portable, go-anywhere device for when you just want to listen to music, like at the gym. Better yet, every time you use your iPod touch, you’ll be saving some of the juice in your iPhone’s battery.

Could the iPod Come Back?

While Apple has made lots of bold decisions when it comes to devices and features, sometimes it is known to backtrack. We saw Apple herald the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar as the next big thing, only to ditch the Mac’s Touch Bar a few years down the line. When the iPhone X launched in 2017, many people thought iPhones with bezels were a thing of the past, but the iPhone SE continues to prove that wrong.

Although the iPod is on its way out for now, there’s always a chance it could return in the future. That is, unless Apple was right to discontinue the iPod.

Goodbye iPod, We’ll Miss You

Since its debut over 20 years ago, the iPod changed not only the way we listen to music, but the way we look at technology as a whole. Although Apple is axing the iPod for now, you can still pick one up while supplies last.

They say all good things come to an end, and Apple is forcing us to say goodbye to the iPod, for now.

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