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Tomorrow morning, Poco will show us a new gaming smartphone! The Poco F4 GT will be unveiled under the claim “The apex of power” — and you can be there via live stream! We have all the important info for you.


  • The unveiling of the Poco F4 GT will take place on April 26 at 8AM EST.
  • The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 in onboard.
  • A first AIoT product is also expected from Poco.

Do you want to be there live when Poco presents a smartphone that sounds extremely promising thanks to Snapdragon 8 Gen 1? Then you should not make any plans for 8AM EST tomorrow, April 26. That is when the live stream of Xiaomi’s subsidiary Poco starts. The Poco F4 GT will be unveiled, a gaming phone that could be a very interesting smartphone, not only thanks to Qualcomm’s flagship SoC.

“The apex of power”: Stream starts at 8AM EST

The event is announced on the Poco website with the claim “The apex of power”. If you want to be there, it would be helpful if you keep an eye on the various Poco channels on Twitter and YouTube. How to make it even easier? Just stay here in the article, because we have of course included the YouTube stream for you:

What other technical features does the Poco F4 GT have to offer and when will we be able to buy it and at what price? You will also find out at NextPit. You’ll get the complete all-round package with all information about features, price and availability as soon as possible.

What else will we see?

The stream is still worthwhile for you, because Poco has more hardware in store. In fact, the site says that Poco’s “first AIoT product” is also on the way. After Poco teased its Poco Watch on Twitter last week, we now know what we’re going to get, so that’s two reasons to follow the live stream here at NextPit.

While the last hours until the event pass by, you can already tell us in the comments what you expect from the event and the new smartphone. At what price do you think Poco will be able to offer us the F4 GT? Will the lowest price for an S8G1 smartphone be undercut once again? Just a reminder: The Redmagic 7 is already available starting at $629!

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