The 4 Best Apps for NFT Enthusiasts

As NFTs continue to grow in popularity, several apps are emerging to serve NFT users. But which apps are best? With so many options, it can be difficult to find the most trusted choices. After all, NFTs can be costly, and trusting the wrong app can spell trouble if it’s not secure.

If you’re an NFT enthusiast, or are looking to get more familiar with NFTs, consider downloading some of the best-rated NFT apps on your iOS or Android device. By sticking to the most trusted apps, you can be assured that you are ready to take your NFT enthusiasm anywhere you go.

1. Enjin: The Best NFT Wallet App

Enjin is one of the first digital wallets designed for use with NFTs. Other apps, like Trust, added support for NFTs after they became popular, but Enjin was designed with digital collectibles in mind. Enjin also supports multiple blockchains, while Trust and others only support Ethereum or Cardano.

Enjin also has its own Enjin Coin and a cryptocurrency swap built into the app. You can easily import other cryptocurrency wallets if you already have a wallet elsewhere. If you are interested in Enjin, you might also want to see the top cryptocurrency apps for iPhone.

While the design may look outdated at times, it’s still a solid wallet for holding your NFTs and other cryptocurrencies. If you are new to NFTs, signing up for Enjin gets you a free collectible deposited right into your wallet as well.

Download: Enjin for iOS | Android (Free)

2. OpenSea: The Best App to Discover New NFTs

OpenSea is the world’s first NFT marketplace. It’s also the largest NFT marketplace, meaning you can find the most NFTs here. Whether you’re getting started with NFTs or are a seasoned NFT trader, OpenSea will meet your needs.

To get started, create a profile and begin browsing through NFT collectibles. If you see one you want to buy, you can favorite it. You can also see what’s trending.

OpenSea does not allow users to purchase NFTs on mobile devices, but you can buy them on your desktop later. The OpenSea mobile app also allows you to access previously purchased NFTs on the go.

Download: OpenSea for iOS | Android (Free)

3. 8bit Painter: The Best App to Create NFTs

If you’re interested in making new NFTs with your iPhone and selling them on marketplaces later, consider using 8bit Painter. 8bit Painter is an app designed to turn photos into NFT-style, pixelated artwork. You can also create your own pixel artwork within the app.

To create an NFT, select a new canvas size. Canvas sizes range from 16×16 to 160×160. The smaller sizes work best for those creating their own pixel artwork. The larger sizes are great for importing pictures and turning them into pixel artwork.

To make your own unique NFT, consider taking photos and turning them into pixel artwork rather than downloading images online. While there are many great apps out there to make NFTs, 8bit Painter is easy to use and the downloaded images are ready to mint.

Download: 8bit Painter for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. The Best App to Show Off NFTs

Once you have a few NFTs, wouldn’t you want to show them off? After all, people put their physical collectibles on display. Why should digital collectibles be different? With, you can easily do this.

To get started, import a wallet from a Cardano, Ethereum, Solana, or WAX address. Then you can view your NFTs in card format. You can swipe through them and easily show them to others who are interested. You might also want to learn about the different types of NFTs before using

Support for the Metaverse will also be added in the future, which means that you can show off your NFTs there. You can also sort through your NFTs by traits and rareness. Staked assets are accounted for, meaning you can use as your main NFT viewer.

Download: for iOS | Android (Free)

NFTs on the Go

With so many NFT apps on the market, finding the right ones can be hard. Luckily, there are clear winners for each category.

Whether you’re an investor trying to keep up with the latest trends, or a collector looking to show off your collection, these apps will serve you wherever you go.

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