The 10 Greatest Websites for Xbox Fans

The Xbox Series X/S plays host to a wide assortment of great games, with new ones arriving all the time. It can get tricky to keep track of all the games in development, knowing when they release, and seeing how they perform critically.

That’s why you should check out some Xbox-focused websites, and we’ve rounded up the best here. Across these sites, you can find not only Xbox news and reviews, but also developer interviews, achievement guides, videos, forums, and more.

Without further ado, here are the greatest websites for Xbox fans.

Xbox Wire is Microsoft’s blog dedicated to all things Xbox. It’s here where you’ll get all the official news—the latest Game Pass arrivals, deep dives with developers, competitions, Xbox software release notes, and more.

You’ll also find the Major Nelson blog here, which is run by Larry Hyrb, Director of Programming for Xbox Live, which provides a weekly news round-up video, podcast, and other posts.

Of course, since Microsoft runs Xbox Wire, you won’t get unbiased looks at games, videos of gameplay leaks, and the likes. For that sort of content, you’re better off with one of the excellent Xbox websites listed below.


Pure Xbox is one of the best Xbox fan sites, in part because it’s updated so consistently. It belongs to the media network that also run Nintendo Life, Push Square, Eurogamer, and others, so you’re in good hands.

On Pure Xbox you’ll find news, reviews, features, guides, and videos—more than enough to satisfy your Xbox fix. Plus, there’s also a community forum, perfect to chat with others about all things Xbox.

Whether you seek the latest industry news, information about upcoming game and DLC releases, how to guides and opinion pieces, or just a plethora of reviews for games and accessories, TheXboxHub has it all.

TheXboxHub also has a weekly podcast which is worth checking out, where the team discuss all the latest stories, along with a YouTube channel that hosts unboxings, let’s plays, and more.

As you might expect from a website called TrueAchievements, this is the place to go if you’re an achievement hunter who is keen to boost their Gamerscore. That’s because TrueAchievements not only lists all achievements in a game, but also provides walkthroughs.

But TrueAchievements offers plenty more. You can read news and reviews, enter competitions, and vote in polls. Plus you can track statistics like your games owned and your Gamerscore, then see how you compare against other site members.

Unfamiliar with achievements? Check out our beginner’s guide to Xbox achievements to find out what they are and how you can start earning them.

Reddit crowns itself as the front page of the internet, with a subreddit dedicated to basically everything under the sun. Of course, there’s an Xbox subreddit which has over 360,000 members.

Anyone can share links or posts on the Xbox subreddit, so you’ll find a healthy mix of news, memes, videos, and discussions. You can choose to lurk and soak it all up, or jump into the comments to chat about a post. Or even submit posts of your own and start earning Reddit karma.

Xbox News is a fan-run Twitter account that aims to deliver the day’s biggest Xbox headline direct to your feed. Whether it’s a studio acquisition, games showcase announcement, or sales report, Xbox News covers it all.

Plus, you can get involved. If you think there’s a story worth shouting about, you can send your tip to the Xbox News team via Twitter DM.

If you don’t want Xbox news on your main Twitter feed, that’s okay. You can make use of Twitter lists to declutter your feed.

Xbox Tavern is another excellent Xbox fan site that publishes a wealth of game and hardware/accessory reviews. Chances are if there’s a game that you’re eyeing up, Xbox Tavern have a review for it—all easily digestible, with a list of pros, cons, and a score out of ten.

Xbox Tavern also publishes the occasional feature and interview, and offers gaming tips, franchise retrospectives, and game of the year awards.

If you’ve spent any time online checking out gaming news, you’ve undoubtedly stumbled across GameSpot. It’s been around since the mid-90s and remains a comprehensive and respected website. In fact, it’s one of the best gaming news and reviews sites.

While GameSpot covers gaming in its entirety, its Xbox section offers plenty of news, reviews, and deals. Plus, you can explore a specific game’s page to see screenshots, watch videos, read guides, and generally find out more about the game.

IGN is another established video game site that you’ve likely come across before. Whether you’re seeking news, previews, guides, or gameplay videos, IGN has it all, with a handy Xbox section so you can filter straight to the good stuff.

One of the nice things about IGN is that it has a global presence, which means the site reports on game deals from across the globe. There are plenty of other sites for video game bargains, too.

Rounding out the list of our best Xbox websites is VGC, which is a respected source for all gaming news and opinions. While it reports on PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, and mobile gaming too, it has a dedicated hub for everything Xbox.

VGC covers behind-the-scenes developer information, rumored games and leaks, gameplay videos and screenshots, and more.

Read the Xbox News, Play the Xbox Games

Take a browse through these Xbox websites and you’re sure to find one that suits you, whether you’re seeking news direct from the horse’s mouth or differing opinions on the latest Xbox game releases. Gather the opinions, watch some gameplay, then you can find your next favorite game to enjoy solo or with friends.

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