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Telegram Premium Arrives: How It’s Different From the Free Version

Telegram now has a paid version called Telegram Premium. The subscription plan arrives nearly a decade after Telegram’s debut in August 2013. Telegram Premium, like standard paid plans, includes extra features that will not be accessible to free users. As such, Telegram Premium is different from the free version of the app.

Here’s what to know about the launch of Telegram Premium and how it differs from the free version of the app.

Telegram Debuts a Premium Subscription Plan

Telegram Premium is official, the company announced in a blog post. It’s the first paid version of the app, which promises additional features over the existing ones that Telegram has been offering over the years.

“As Telegram keeps growing at rocket speed, many users have expressed their will to support our team. Today we’re launching Telegram Premium—a subscription that lets you support Telegram’s continued development and gives you access to exclusive additional features,” the company said in a blog post.

According to the platform, the premium plan will enable it to continue offering the available features for its massive user base of over 700 million monthly active users while adding several resource-heavy features that have been requested for far too long. The platform is betting on the paid plan to help keep its service free for years.

The price of Telegram Premium seems to vary from region to region, but it costs anywhere between $5 to $6. Despite launching a paid plan, Telegram says the available free features will continue to be free.

How Is Telegram Premium Different From the Free Version?

Thanks to the launch, users can now enjoy additional perks as well as existing useful Telegram features. One of the key features offered by Telegram Premium is an ad-free experience. Premium users will also enjoy a 4GB file upload limit from the current 2GB limit, which was already higher relative to limits on competing platforms like WhatsApp. However, all users will be able to download large files without restrictions.

Telegram Premium also doubles the limits on features like your bio length, number of folders you can create, channels you can follow and groups you can join, favorite stickers, and more. There are some key differences between Telegram groups and channels, but paid features will benefit the experience of using either.

Other features available include faster download speeds, a voice-to-text feature, unique stickers and reactions, better chat management, animated profile pictures, premium badges, and premium app icons.

Will Telegram Premium Be a Success?

If you’re someone that uses Telegram as your cloud storage platform and has been longing for larger file uploads, the introduction of Telegram Premium could be great news.

The premium plan is worth it if you also value exclusivity and an ad-free experience (nobody loves ads). You may also subscribe if you wish to support the team.

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