Starling Home Hub firmware update brings virtual temperature sensors to HomeKit using Nest’s weather service

For people that dabble between Google and Apple’s smart home platforms, Starling Home Hub is a must-have on your home network. Once installed, every single Nest and Google Home device you have are accessible in HomeKit. I’ve been using the product for a few years, and it’s received continuous updates to add new features at no additional cost. Today, version 11.4 of the Starling Home Hub is adding support for virtual weather sensors in HomeKit.

After installing the version 11.40 firmware update, just go back to the Starling web app, and you’ll find the option to enable this feature in the ‘Nest Home and Product Settings’ section. As long as Starling Home is bridged to HomeKit, it will then add new Outdoor Temperature and Outdoor Humidity sensors to your HomeKit environment. It’ll pull the data using data from Nest’s weather service. This functionality will give view outdoor conditions in the Home app or run automation based on the temperature.

It gives you the functionality of traditional HomeKit outdoor temperature and humidity sensors without having to install anything in your home, change batteries, or manage another device. Also included in firmware version 11.4 is an improved setup experience when managing multiple homes and increasing the number of Nest cameras in HomeKit Secure Video from 8 to 10.

If you already have a Starling Home Hub, go to on your local network to start the update. If you have auto-updates enabled, it’ll be pushed out over the next week.

Starling Home Hub is sold as a one-time purchase without a subscription for $99. If you have a handful of Google Home or Nest devices in your home, I highly recommend it if you want to bridge them to HomeKit.

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