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Should You Use Facebook Marketplace? The Pros and Cons

As things got digital, people started selling products online. Regardless of the requirements, there are plenty of online platforms today where you can buy and sell stuff. But did you know Facebook is one of them?

Facebook launched its dedicated Marketplace in 2015, enabling users to buy and sell things online. The question that arises here is whether this feature is worth it. Here, we’ll discuss if you should use Facebook Marketplace as a medium for online purchases.

Pros of Using Facebook Marketplace

Here is a list of perks you get by listing items on Facebook Marketplace:

1. Simplified Buying and Selling

To sell a product, take pictures of the item and upload them using a mobile, computer, or tablet. Pick the most attractive photos to give your page a boost. Add an accurate description of the product along with the location and price. You can also share it among other groups and profiles.

If you want to buy a product, search for it using type, category, and price range. There is also an option to look for all the available items for sale in a particular location. Facebook Marketplace also suggests different products based on recent searches and your interests on the platform. This algorithm helps users stay connected and browse the app for better engagement.


If you master the tips of buying and selling on Marketplace, it can help you make quick money.

2. Nearby Suggestions

When you sign up for Facebook, it requests access to your current location. The social networking giant insists on turning on your location to create personalized content and suggestions relevant to your area. Marketplace works under the same strategy.

It will suggest products within your vicinity, so making a genuine deal is easy. There is also an option to browse and look for stuff that might not be in your area but is desirable.

3. Simple User Interface

The most popular advantage of using Facebook Marketplace is its ease of use. We all know how to use the app generally. The Marketplace has the same simple format with some tweaks to add products. You don’t need to browse through the complicated setup options like those in other apps. Over the years, it has become easier to scroll around and navigate.

To open Facebook Marketplace, follow these simple instructions:

  • Tap the Marketplace option at the top of your screen (or bottom if you’re on an iPhone). It will open the list of products around your location.
  • Browse the different categories to find something of interest.
  • Tap on the Profile icon on the top-right of the screen to open your Marketplace profile. You can add different sizes, locations, saved items, and other options necessary for buying and selling.
  • Tap on the Search button to look for different things. There are several categories to choose from. Recent shows the most popular categories, whereas Saved Searches will list all the searches you’ve saved.

4. No Hidden Fees

One of the pet peeves that most sellers talk about is paying a security deposit or commission to the app, enabling you to display the product. This might work well if the product is already expensive or in high demand. However, hidden charges and commissions might not be feasible for basic items.

Fortunately, there are no hidden charges or extra fees for users selling their goods on Facebook Marketplace. Just make sure the products fit the guidelines set by Facebook, and you are good to go.

5. You Decide the Shipping Charges

Buyers pay shipping charges on most online buying and selling platforms. This can be quite a hassle enabling many people to skip your products. Facebook Marketplace brings a new dimension to this traditional custom by allowing the seller to decide who pays the shipping charges.

You can incorporate them within the product’s price or let the buyer know what else is needed from them. An honest interaction encourages buyers and sellers to develop good relations.

6. Buyers Can Set Price Limits

The temptation to purchase expensive things is real, but not everyone has the budget to accomplish it. On Facebook Marketplace, buyers can set price limits so that it only displays product listings that fall within their budgets.

This is a suitable way to find something without going overboard with expenses. Many people believe that any store or platform providing a price limit option is ideal for making a worthwhile purchase.

Cons of Facebook Marketplace

Like any other app, Facebook Marketplace also has limitations that Meta, the parent company, is working to remove.

1. Unsafe Meetups

People you sell your products to might request meet-ups at random places. For experienced users, this might be a noticeable red light.

However, if you are new to the app and unaware of Facebook Marketplace scams, there might be a possibility of getting robbed or threatened.

2. No Digital Store

This feature allows buyers to sell random items on Facebook Marketplace. Unlike popular buying and selling apps, you cannot create a brand of your own.

The inexistence of a store means no seller identity, which might decrease your sales and be a deal-breaker if you plan to sell items long-term on the platform.

3. No Buyer Protection

When people spend money, they expect a good quality product. Unlike eBay Buyer Protection, there is no guarantee what users get will be as promised. You can examine the product physically, but Facebook does not make any guarantees.

4. Getting Recognized Is Difficult

Getting recognition on Facebook with adequate engagement is pretty tricky. You need to give yourself the time to get noticed. It is essential to use relevant keywords and post at an ideal time to get recognition for your products.

5. No Storage Space

There is no proper storage space given to sellers for their items. Buyers and sellers are responsible for sending/receiving packages at their own convenience and risk.

Facebook does not offer a warehouse to maintain orders. So, if there is a delay in your order, or you did not receive what was promised, Facebook does not take any responsibility.

Buy & Sell on Facebook Marketplace Effectively

Facebook Marketplace is a feature that allows people worldwide to buy and sell goods. It is pretty easy to use and does not require any hidden charges. Unfortunately, the platform does not offer any guarantee or product security.

However, we believe that with certain tweaks and changes, Facebook Marketplace can become a safe and valuable platform for people around the globe. When buying from Marketplace, always look at the seller’s background and request as many product details as possible to avoid scams.


What Is Facebook Marketplace and How Do You Use It?

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