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According to a recent leak, Samsung might integrate a 108 MP lens in the camera module of its upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4. Samsung’s foldable smartphone could therefore benefit from the same camera module as the Galaxy S22 Ultra. But is this really good news?

This rumor was started by leaker Dohyun Kim on Twitter in early April, but was only recently picked up en masse by the tech press. The tweet is very sketchy and only mentions “Galaxy Z Fold4 108MP Camera”, nothing more. We might as well say that the substance nor the source of this leak does not break three legs to a Ming Ching Kuo.

But then another leaker nicknamed chunvn8888 explains, in response to Dohyun Kim’s post, that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will benefit from the same photo setup as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, except for the periscope sensor. In other words, the 108 MP lens would be the Samsung Isocell HM3. This lens is based on a sensor with a surface of 1/1.33″ and pixels of 0.8 µm.

The Samsung Isocell HM3 also features 9-in-1 pixel binning to reduce the definition of shots to combine the light perceived by adjacent pixels (the pixels are then de facto 2.4 µm). With Isocell 2.0 technology, the HM3 sensor can dynamically redefine the function of each pixel to adapt to different light conditions and also has a super sampling function to combine pixels from multiple shots to reduce noise.

In any case, on paper, it’s a clear improvement over the Galaxy Z Fold 3‘s 12+12+12 MP triple camera module, which was getting old. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which incorporates this lens, did very well in our last photo blind test, so all that remains is to see how Samsung will find the space to house this larger sensor in its next foldable smartphone.

Do you think the Galaxy Z Fold 4 deserves a photo upgrade over the previous generation? Or did the classic 3×12 MP combo seem quite enough? And does this kind of detail matter at all on a smartphone that almost no one will be able to afford anyway?

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