Ralph Fiennes to Star in ‘Conclave’ Conspiracy Thriller With Stanley Tucci and John Lithgow

Moving from playing the Duke of Oxford in The King’s Man, Ralph Fiennes will next be seen in the starring role in Edward Berger’s religious conspiracy thriller, Conclave. The actor will join the previously announced A-list slate of John Lithgow, Stanley Tucci, and Isabella Rossellini in the feature which is being penned by Peter Straughan.

Conclave is an adaptation of the Robert Harris novel of the same name and will tell the story of the secrets and drama hidden behind the death of the Pope. As Cardinals from all over the world descend upon the Vatican, Cardinal Lomeli (Fiennes) must stand at the helm and lead them as they make their decision as to who will be elected the new head of the Catholic Church. With the proceedings move along, secrets surrounding the deceased Pope begin to make their way to the surface, sending Cardinal Lomeli on a journey of mystery and intrigue to uncover the deeply buried layers before they’re discovered by someone else.


With Fiennes as Cardinal Lomeli, Lithgow will portray Cardinal Tremblay, Tucci as Cardinal Bellini, and Rossellini in the role of Sister Agnes. Like many other features, Conclave is hoping to find some prospective buyers at the ever-approaching Cannes Market where the film will be represented by FilmNation Entertainment.

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Speaking about the production company’s excitement about backing the new project, FilmNation’s President of Production, Ashley Fox said,

Conclave is already surrounded by exceptional artists, and we can’t wait for them to bring Robert Harris’ brilliant story to life onscreen. Working from Peter Straughan’s sharp and elegant screenplay, Edward Berger and his stellar cast will create a thriller unlike any other we’ve seen. We’re also excited to be partnered with House on the film, given Tessa’s long track record of outstanding storytelling.

Along with his recent performance in the third installment of the Kingsman franchise, Fiennes also nabbed a part in Cary Joji Fukunaga’s James Bond venture, No Time to Die. Having previously appeared in Wes Anderson’s, The Grand Budapest Hotel, the two will soon reunite for The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, the director’s take on the Roald Dahl short story, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More. More reunions are on the slate for Fiennes who was also recently cast to star opposite his ex The English Patient co-star Juliette Binoche in Uberto Pasolini‘s The Return. There’s just something about Fiennes’ past roles, as well as those of Tucci, Lithgow, and Rossellini for that matter, that tells us the actors will fit perfectly into their parts in Conclave. As of right now, no release date has been set for the film, but stay tuned to Collider for more information as it becomes available.

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