Planning on getting an Apple headset? Check your home insurance coverage…

The long-awaited Apple headset is expected to be expensive, but one insurer has reported that VR headsets can also result in expenses of an unexpected kind …


There are believed to be two different types of Apple headset in the works. The company reportedly has a long-term ambition of lightweight, fashionable Apple Glasses which one analyst has even suggested could replace the iPhone (though I’m skeptical).

But Apple Glasses are likely years away yet. The company’s first step into this field is expected to be a mixed-reality headset looking closer to existing VR headsets, and primarily aimed at developers and enterprise applications.

Apple headset may require good insurance

Owning a virtual reality headset can be an expensive business, according to one home insurance company. The Guardian reports.

A man landing an upper-cut on the ceiling fan, a woman slamming into furniture, a guy smashing through a lighting fixture: gamers are learning, virtual reality headsets can often cause havoc at home.

The trend of crashing into furniture while in the metaverse provoked a 31% jump in home contents claims involving VR headsets last year, insurer Aviva said, marking a 68% overall increase since 2016.

“As new games and gadgets become popular, we often see this playing through in the claims made by our customers,” said Kelly Whittington, Aviva’s UK property claims director […]

Claims to Aviva involving virtual reality headsets can get wacky. One customer launched a controller at his TV when a zombie jumped out during the game. Multiple people reported cracking TV screens. One child smashed two designer figurines – perched on the mantelpiece – when his game demanded a “swipe” move.

VR headset can also prove dangerous – either to you or those around you. The subreddit VRtoER has plenty of examples of how not to VR. Like this woman who reportedly discovered the hard way that leaning back against virtual walls doesn’t work too well:

You can check out everything we’re expecting in our recent roundup.

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