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Microsoft Edge will be launching a new feature that will allow you to install your favorite Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) more quickly and conveniently than ever before. When you install a PWA on one of your devices, you’ll have access to a list of apps when using your browser on another device. These different apps will have an install button next to them, allowing you to easily install the PWAs you always use on your various devices with a single click.

Leo Varela first noticed the option and took to Reddit to share their findings. The feature is still testing on Edge Canary, but users can check all the different apps on the Apps section within the Settings page once it’s launched for public use. Aside from that, you can also view them via Edge’s ellipses menu.

This feature can be a huge timesaver, especially if your tasks for work or school require you to shift between different devices constantly. We know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be when you’re ready to start a productive day only to realize that you still have to install a couple of PWAs onto your device.

Like most Edge features, Microsoft is launching this one on a controlled rollout basis. In other words, even if you download the most recent build of Edge Canary, there’s no guarantee that the feature will be available to you. However, rest assured that it will hit your device eventually.

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