It’s Time to Vote for the Best Microsoft Store App for 2022

Users everywhere nominated their fave apps, and now it’s time to find the best one.

The Microsoft Store has a lot of hidden gems on it; perhaps too hidden for their own good. Now, the Redmond giant wants to cast the spotlight on some of the best apps on the platform by allowing users like yourself to vote for the ones you think are best.

The 2022 Microsoft Store App Awards are Open for Voting

You can now pitch in what you think is your favorite app on the special Microsoft Store App Awards Office Form. Remember when Microsoft asked you what your favorite Store apps were? Hopefully, you got your answer in, because now you get to choose who takes home the award.

There’s a quite a lot of apps in the runnings, some of which have been superstars in enhancing the Windows experience. There are too many to list here, but if you do head in, you’ll get to vote in three categories: File Management, Utility, and Open Platform.

There are bound to be some apps on the list that you’ve never heard of, but don’t fret. Each category has direct links to the apps that appear in the category, so if you want to give your precious vote to the absolute best, you can give the candidates a try and see which one you love the most.

A Much-Needed Celebration of Microsoft Apps

When you go to download a new app for Windows, how often do you go to the Microsoft Store? If you can’t remember the last time you went app-hunting at the store (if at all), this is likely why Microsoft is holding this award ceremony in the first place.

What happens to the winning apps? Microsoft doesn’t say. However, there’s a good chance the company will advertise its presence on the Microsoft Store, letting people know that the store is more than just a pretty icon on everyone’s systems.


Which Microsoft Store App Is Your Fave?

Microsoft asked for your fave apps, and you responded. And now, it’s time to vote for the best, so be sure to cast your vote for the apps that made your life easier.


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