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Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 as well as the Watch Series 8 could finally support satellite connectivity. The feature was first rumored to arrive in the iPhone 13 last year but more likely to happen on this year’s Apple iPhone series, says analyst Mark Gurman.


  • Apple’s iPhone 14 could get satellite connectivity support.
  • This feature will be used in sending emergency alerts and notifications to and from authorities.
  • Due to a larger camera, the iPhone 14 Pro’s display could become rounder.

The report cites that Apple is already partnering with Globalstar as the satellite service provider. If to happen, Apple will utilize satellite networks of Globalstar around the globe to send emergency alerts to authorities directly from your iPhone 14 or Apple Watch Series 8. Your device would be able to send the user’s remote locations to responders without the use of cellular connectivity such as GSM or 5G.

It is safe to say that the iPhone 14 and Watch Series 8 would only use it for remote tracking of the user’s location but not as an alternative to cellular connectivity. Compared to satellite-ready handheld devices, the requirement for bulky hardware such as modems is not practical in a smartphone or a smartwatch. Of course, this satellite connectivity feature needs a custom chip to work, thus, leaving no support for the previous iPhone or Watch models.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro display
The Apple iPhone 14 Pro will likely feature a rounder display on its corners in order to accommodate the larger sensor at the back. / © Ian Zelbo

iPhone 14 Pro will get a rounder display

On another news, the iPhone 14 Pro may get a rounder display on its corners to accommodate for a bigger camera sensor based on the latest unofficial render. The bigger Pro Max is said to not be affected by this change as it has more space inside the chassis compared to the 6.1-incher iPhone 14 Pro.

Aside from the punch-hole display, the entire series of iPhone 14 lineup is expected to see the biggest selfie camera upgrade since many years. The Cupertino company could finally adopt an autofocus lens in contrast to the fixed focus lens of the current iPhone 13 devices. In terms of image quality, the sensor size may also see a bump on the megapixel count.

Even though we’re still several months away from the iPhone event: What new feature(s) are you looking forward to seeing most? Hit us up in the comment section!

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