How to Turn Off Quick Chat in Among Us

If you want to remove all message restrictions and say whatever you want in Among Us, you need to turn off quick chat and enable free chat.

Among Us is a game all about communication. Working with your crewmates, accusing people, and ejecting the imposters. Among Us offers a quick chat feature that lets you select pre-written phrases, but you may wish to turn this off so that you can type freely.

We’re going to show you how to disable quick chat in Among Us.

What Is Quick Chat in Among Us?

In early 2021, developer Innersloth added a quick chat functionality to Among Us. It lets you send messages to your fellow players based on templates, sorted into categories like accusation, systems, and location. For example, you could select, “Please do your tasks” or “A killed B”.

The purpose of quick chat is twofold. First, as the name suggests, it lets you select commonly used phrases quickly, rather than typing them out every time. Secondly, it protects younger players. When quick chat is in use, the standard free chat (where you can say anything) is unavailable.

How to Turn Off Quick Chat in Among Us

If you’re using a guest account or you’re under 13, you can’t use free chat in Among Us. To resolve the former, create an Among Us account from the game’s home screen; you’ll need to provide your date of birth during account setup.

When creating or searching for an Among Us lobby, look for the Chat Type setting. Providing you’re signed in to an account and aged 13 or above, you can select this to toggle between Quick Chat Only and Free Chat. If you select Quick Chat Only, you can only send and receive quick chat messages; no-one in the lobby will have free chat.


In free chat games, you can type normally and say whatever you want. That said, you can still apply filtering to protect against strong language. Go to the game’s settings screen—here you can toggle Censor Chat.

Originally, you could also find the Chat Type toggle on the settings screen. However, it’s now placed in lobby creation/search, letting you easily switch between the two modes on the fly.

Play Among Us However Suits You

Whether you want to speak your mind freely, or keep the chat safer and limited to set phrases, Among Us lets you toggle between the two with ease, no matter what platform you’re playing on—as long as you’re old enough.

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