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How to Mute or Message Someone During a WhatsApp Group Call

WhatsApp group calls can get messy. And the larger the group, the more chaotic it can be. Between people speaking over each other and background noises, it can be difficult to maintain order.

But WhatsApp has a solution for that. The app allows you to mute and text individual people during a group call to limit distractions. Want to learn how? Continue reading this article to find out.

WhatsApp Allows You to Mute and Message Individual Group Call Participants

As of June 2022, WhatsApp allows you to mute and text individual participants in a group call. WhatsApp rolled out group calls for Android and iOS in 2018. At the time, you could only have up to four people participate in a group call. Now, the app allows up to 32 people on a group voice call and eight on a group video call. That’s a lot of people to manage at once, and it can get frustrating.

Of course, people have the option to mute themselves, but sometimes they forget to do so. In the past, you could also only message everyone in a group call simultaneously. If you wanted to text someone privately, you had to exit the group to start a chat with them. But WhatsApp now allows you to text a participant right where you are—within the group call.

This helps share private jokes and comments. The ability to mute and text individuals can help bring some order to a group call.

How to Mute a Participant in a WhatsApp Group Call

Muting a participant in a group call is a quick and straightforward process. But first things first, ensure you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your phone. Place a group call from within your group by tapping the Call button in the top-right corner of your screen. While in the call, WhatsApp shows you the Participants on your screen.

Tap and hold the Contact you want to mute. This will show you a Pop-up window with the options to Message or Mute the participant you’ve selected—tap Mute. You will now see the Mute icon (microphone with a line through it) next to their name on the screen.

When you mute a participant, they can hear you, but you won’t be able to hear them. To unmute them, follow the same steps, then tap Unmute. You can also mute participants who join a WhatsApp group call after it has started, to prevent them from interrupting the speaker.

How to Message Someone in a WhatsApp Group Call

You can text someone from within a WhatsApp group call in seconds. Start by tapping the Call button in the top-right corner of your screen. When more than two people have joined the call, their Contact cards will be shown on the screen.

To message someone during the call, tap and hold their Contact. Now tap Message on the pop-up window that appears. This will open up your existing chat with that person or start a new one, and you can text them as usual.

Please note that WhatsApp Web does not support group calls. This means you can only use the mute and message features mentioned in this article on your mobile app. You can, however, place individual voice and video calls on WhatsApp’s Desktop app.

Reduce Distractions During a WhatsApp Group Call

WhatsApp group calls are a great way to connect with people for social and professional purposes. But they can get chaotic if not managed well, especially with larger groups.

Aside from people chiming in when they shouldn’t, background noises, and echoes from participants who have their microphones on, unnecessary messages can also throw the group off during a call.

Consider muting people and messaging individuals privately to limit distractions and interruptions during a group call using the steps outlined in this article.

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