How to Make Boring Simulation Games More Fun to Play

When looking for titles to play, many gamers consider realism as one of the key factors they look for in a game. However, when given an accurately realistic title, many players actually bow out, saying it’s too boring to play.

But why does this irony exist? How come many people find the real thing boring? Let’s dig into this issue deeper, find out why, and discover what you can do to make simulation games fun again.

Why Simulation Games Can Get Boring

Many will argue that simulation games are fun and exciting, and they’re correct to a point. However, they will get repetitive after some time, especially once the novelty wears off. Here’s why.

Realistic Controls Are Complicated

If you’re playing a full-on simulation game, setting up games like flight simulators can be tedious and complicated. For example, if you play X-Plane 11, you’ll don’t just work with the throttles and the stick—you also have to set up other controls, like fuel mixture, flaps, manifold pressure, landing gear controls, and others.

More than that, you’ll also have to contend with environmental factors. Suppose you’re used to sports cars breaking instantly and turning on a dime. In that case, you’ll be surprised when the big rigs in American Truck Simulator don’t respond as well. This is especially true when it’s wet, or you’re carrying heavier-than-usual loads, thus requiring you to plan your moves well ahead of actually doing it.

And while most of these games offer some automation, thus allowing you to focus on the experience, it’s not as easy as jumping into the game and going through a tutorial. You have to dig into its settings and figure out which level of realism you’re comfortable with.

Real Life Is Not an Adrenaline-Filled Movie

When you play other game titles, like Call of Duty, you expect the game to be action-packed, with heart-pounding fight sequences happening all the time. However, this isn’t true in real life. In fact, soldiers in war zones say their life is 90% boring and 10% terrifying.

So, suppose you’re playing ArmA or Sniper Elite. In that case, you will have to dedicate a considerable part of gameplay to maneuvering, getting to your target undetected, and waiting for your prey to appear.

We’re Only Looking for a Taste of Realism

Gamers who download simulation games for entertainment are usually only looking for a taste of what’s it like to be in that position. For example, you can become a pilot in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 without having to spend thousands of dollars on training.

But once you get over the novelty of the experience and realize you’ll have to study tons of procedures, read through manuals, and even learn airspace types and air traffic control language, it becomes a chore.

So, if you’re like most gamers, you’d eventually want to play something less realistic and easier to digest once you’ve gotten your fix.

How to Add Life to Simulation Games

Given that simulations can eventually get boring, it doesn’t mean you should stop buying and playing them. After all, if you leave any game alone, it’ll become interesting again after some time.

But aside from that, you can take steps to make simulation games more interesting, especially once their novelty wears off.

One of the best ways to beat boredom in simulation games is to play with like-minded people. For example, you can find Discord channels for just about anything, including gaming-focused ones. This allows you to play with other people, thus allowing you to engage in new challenges and missions with them.

For example, you can create a multiplayer session on Euro Truck Simulator 2 and drive all over Europe while talking to other players. You can even do the same jobs and drive together as a single convoy.

Install Mods

Another way to increase your in-game enjoyment in simulation games is to install mods. These add-ons are usually community-made, so they know what players are looking for. For example, you can install custom radios on Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator via RadioTrucker.

Or, if you’re into the Cities: Skylines city-building simulation game, you can install mods from Steam, allowing you to recreate any city in the most realistic possible way.

If you’re playing a pretty popular game, you’re bound to find a community that creates video game mods that’ll allow you to do more in-game.

Create Your Own Mini-Games

Another way you can unleash your creativity in simulation games is to create your mini-games while playing with others. Although this option is usually available with select titles, you can still create your own rules and utilize the game’s mechanics to create events you can play with your friends for titles that don’t allow custom game modes.

For example, you can create a challenge in American Truck Simulator where you and your friends will race from one end of the map to the other while avoiding crashes. Or you can play some short-landing challenges on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, trying to land an Airbus A380 on an aircraft carrier.

Real Life Is Boring, but Realistic Games Can Still Be Fun

When you’re tired of your simulation game, try some of the things above to liven it up. You’ll be surprised with how much life you can get out of an old game just by playing with another person or two, much less with an entire community.

After all, a simulation game will pretty much allow you to do anything within its mechanics. So, if you’re playing a flight simulator, why not do crazy airplane things you can’t do in real life? Or if you’re driving a truck, then maybe try drifting it.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with your simulation games, you can push them beyond their limits with some exploration. Who knows? You might even be able to create an in-game event that the developer will feature in their player creations. If you use your imagination, the sky’s the limit in simulation games.

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