How to Get the Most Out of Your Android Phone and Windows PC: The Definitive Windows Phone Link Guide

As smartphones get more powerful each year, it just makes sense to synchronize them with your laptop or desktop PC. That’s why Windows 10 and 11 now come with the Phone Link app.

This app lets you monitor your smartphone from your PC. But is that all that it can do? Here are Phone Link’s other features to make the most of both your devices.

You have to set up and connect your phone to your PC to use all these features. However, you only need to do this once. When you’ve done it the first time, your phone will automatically connect to your computer every time your launch Phone Link.

1. Interact With Your Phone’s Notifications

If you’re the type who keeps your phone in your drawer when working, Phone Link keeps you updated on your phone notifications by keeping track of it in the primary sidebar. You’ll see all the notifications you’ve received, and you can even interact with them.

You can pin or close notifications by clicking on the respective icons, and you can even click on a notification to open it on your phone. When you do so, Windows will open a screen capture of your device so you can see the notification’s details on your computer. However, if you open a video, like a YouTube notification, and it plays, the sound will come from your phone, not your PC.


When you click on the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner of the Notifications menu, you’ll see the Refresh, Customize, and Clear All options. Refresh and Clear All is self-explanatory, but if you’re distracted by your phone’s notifications, click on Customize. In the Features subwindow that will appear, under Notifications, put the Display in the Phone Link app slider to Off.

2. Read and Respond to Your Text Messages

In recent years, most text-based communication now happens over online services like WhatsApp or Messenger. However, there are times when you still need to use SMS, like talking to delivery services.

So, if you’re expecting a text message and don’t want to pull out your phone, you can receive and send text messages via the Phone Link app. To do so, click on the Messages tab in the top menu. From there, you should all the texts on your phone, plus the + New message button.

To respond to a specific text, click on the message you want to reply to load it in the main window. You should see the Send a message text entry at the button. Compose your reply there, then click on the Send icon in the lower-right corner to send your message.

If you want to start a new conversation, click on the + New message button. In the main window, type the name or number of the recipient in the To text entry box. Afterward, click on Send a message text entry at the button to type and send your text.

3. Make and Receive Calls From Your PC on Your Smartphone

When you have to make calls on your phone but don’t want to leave your computer, you can use Phone Link to make the call for you. First, you have to ensure that your phone is connected to your PC via Bluetooth.

Once you’ve done that, go to the Calls (in preview) tab in the top menu. You should see your call history under Calls, and then you should also see a dialer in the right sidebar. Click on the Search your contacts text entry field to look for contacts saved on your phone. But if you know the number you’re calling, you can dial it directly on the dial pad.

When you make the call, a Call on PC will open, showing the contact number you’re dialing. The phone should start ringing over your computer’s speakers, and you will use your computer’s microphone to talk to them.

To end the call, you simply need to press the End Call icon in the Call on PC window.

4. Control Your Phone From Your Computer

When you need to access a specific app on your phone, you can use the Phone Link instead of pulling out your phone. First, you have to ensure your smartphone and PC use the same wireless network. Then, click on your phone’s image in the upper-left-hand corner, and a new window will appear.

Tap on Start now when Phone Link asks for permission on your phone. Once done, your phone will load on your screen, and you can use it normally.

5. View and Copy Photos From Your Smartphone

You can also view your phone’s photo gallery using Phone Link. However, you have to ensure that the images you’re looking for are saved in the Camera or Screenshots album.

To view your photos, click on the Photos tab in the upper part of the Phone Link window. You should see all your camera images and screenshots there. You can right-click on any photo to see options like Open, Open with…, Copy, Save as…, Share, and Delete. You can also use drag-and-drop functionality to copy any photo in Phone Link to any file or folder.

6. Copy and Paste Text Seamlessly Between Devices

Phone Link also lets you copy and paste text between devices with no issues. All you have to do is ensure that the following settings are on.

Click on the Gear icon in the upper-right-hand corner of Phone Link to open Settings. Click on Features, then under Cross-device copy and paste, ensure that the toggle switch for Allow this app to access and transfer content I copy and paste between my phone and PC is turned On.

When this is activated, you can copy text like OTPs and passwords from your phone, and you simply need to hit paste or Ctrl + V on your PC to paste the text there.

7. Send Web Pages to Your PC

If you’re browsing a web page on your smartphone and want to continue on your PC, you just need to share it with Link to Windows.

Whatever browser you’re using, click on its Share icon. A pop-up will open asking you where you want to send the page you’re sharing. Scroll through your options and tap on Link to Windows. In the Send to a PC window that will appear, tap on your computer. Once done, your PC will open the URL in your default browser.

Level Up Your Device Synchronization

Windows Phone Link is a powerful app that delivers convenience, flexibility, and functionality to the two devices professionals most use in the office. By allowing you to keep your PC and smartphone in sync and easily accessible between each other, you’re saving yourself the effort, letting you become more efficient in what you’re doing.

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