How to Fix the Android “Google Keeps Stopping” Error

Android errors strike when you least expect and in many cases the meaning of the error message is confusing.

A perfect example of this is the “Google keeps stopping” error that occurs in Android when performing standard tasks. You might be accessing Google search, using the Play store, or launching some other Google app. When the error message pops up, it provides little concrete information to help you fix it.

So, what exactly can you do when “Google keeps stopping” and what does it mean?

When Does the Google Keeps Stopping Error Occur?

You might be using Google Search. It could be when browsing the Play store, or using some other app. Perhaps the “Google keeps stopping” error pops up when you’re doing something completely unrelated, thanks to a Google service running in the background.

For example, you could be playing a game when the weather app tries to update, resulting in the error. I spotted the app while using Google Keep.

It’s difficult to spot exactly which Google app is causing the error. It appears to be largely due to Google Play Services, Play Store, or the Google Search app, however.

Perhaps even more frustratingly, simply rebooting your phone doesn’t stop it. The error will just keep happening, the popup appearing repeatedly. Sure, you can tap away from the message, but more will appear.

Why Does Google Keep Stopping? What Does the Error Mean?

Well, it’s pretty much as described: Google keeps stopping. But why?

The error seems to be due to a caching issue, which causes the Google app or background service to fail. As Google is literally stopping, the intended task (perhaps running a search, browsing for apps, or something else) fails. While the OS is largely free of errors, clearing the Android cache helps fix a surprising number of problems.


Note that this error is not about the Google Keep note-taking app. While I experienced it after switching from the Keep app to Google Play, the “Google keeps stopping” error occurs purely because the Google app keeps stopping on Android.

How to Repair the Google Keeps Stopping Error

Fortunately, it doesn’t take too much to fix this problem.

The steps for fixing it are the same, no matter which phone you use. They’ll fix the “Google keeps stopping” error on Samsung phones, Pixels, and any other affected device.

  1. Drag down from the top to open the Quick Settings menu
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Open Apps
  4. Expand the See all apps list
  5. Scroll to Google and tap to open
  6. Tap Storage and cache
  7. Tap Clear cache then wait while it clears
  8. Next, open Manage space
  9. In this screen, tap Clear All Data
  10. To finish, click back, then restart your phone

With this process completed, the error should now be fixed. If not, repeat for Google Play Store, then for Google Play Services, restarting after each until the error is resolved.

Remember to Update Android

The “Google keeps stopping” error (and others) can be largely attributed to software updates. If the error has just started happening, there is a good chance that a standard system update, an app update, or even a hotfix has caused it.

While we’ve provided a workable solution above, you should find that the error has been fixed in the next update. Assuming your phone is getting that update, you should be able to download it.

Android device manufacturer no longer issuing updates? That’s just one reason to install a custom Android ROM.

No Joy? You May Need to Factory Reset Android

As noted, in most cases simply clearing the cache will bring an end to the Google stopping error. If not, resetting the phone to factory settings is the only other easy option.

Before proceeding, you should ensure that all data on your phone is backed up. Our guide on how to properly backup Android will help here. This involves backing up settings, photos, contacts, text messages, media files, and other vital documents. Dedicated apps are available to help with this, but you might simply hook the phone up to your PC and copy the data across that way.

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to reset Android. The easiest way to do this is in the settings screen.

  1. Drag down from the top to open Quick Settings
  2. Tap the Settings cog
  3. Tap System > Reset options
  4. Find and tap Erase all data (factory reset)
  5. Android will warn you that the internal storage will be reset, so read carefully
  6. When you’re satisfied it is the right option, tap Reset Phone

When you’re done, Android will seem as good as new. After setting up your account, take the opportunity to download any new updates as soon as possible.

Other Android Errors

It’s possible to use Android without running into any errors. However, occasionally, some occur.

For example, you might run into an error message concerning the SIM card, especially if you’re switching SIMs between phones.

One type of error that you may come across more than others is related to the Android camera. “Unfortunately, camera has stopped” can be caused by things such as overheating or your phone running out of storage space.

Connectivity errors can also strike Android. Several easy fixes are available for Android Wi-Fi authentication issues, however.

As errors go, Android has some of the simplest, quickest fixes of all operating systems.

Fixing Android Errors: Easy!

As the operating system becomes more advanced, errors are sadly more likely to occur. This is particularly the case in software that has a legacy aspect, whether supporting old code or linked to older apps. Happily, most Android errors are straightforward to fix.

If you’ve been affected by Google popping up a “keeps stopping” message – or any other fault – you’ll typically find that a reboot, uninstalling software, or clearing the relevant caches solves the problem in all but the most extreme cases.

Failing that, there is always the option of resetting your phone. If that doesn’t work, maybe consider switching to iPhone – it’s easier than you think.

iPhone next to Android phone after transferring data

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