How to Clean Laptop Keyboard

The frequent use of the laptop can make it dirty and give it a messy look and can also compromise the efficient working of your laptop. To make sure that your laptop works efficiently you need to clean it every once in a while. Mainly the dirtiest part of the laptop is its keyboard because it is the most used part of the laptop and we are going to explain how you can clean the keyboard of your laptop.

Cleaning your laptop keyboard

Keeping your laptop keyboard clean can make it work for longer time so to clean the keyboard you will be needing some tools that are:

  • Compressed air can 
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Microfiber cloth   
  • Toothpicks 
  • Small pry bar  

After getting all the tools mentioned above, we have described the process step by step that will make it easy for you to clean your keyboard.

Step1: Shut down your laptop and disconnect any connected devices

To avoid any damage to the electronics of your laptop, shut it down and after that disconnect all the devices connected to it. Next if your laptop battery is removable then remove it safely so that there is no supply connected to your laptop and also do not forget to disconnect your laptop charger.

Step 2: Move upside down your laptop firmly

To move big pieces of debris or remove surface dust you need to turn the laptop upside down and, in this way, the bigger particles will fall off the keyboard if there are any.

Step 3: Use microfiber cloth to clean the keyboard

To remove the dust from the keys of the keyboard you should wipe the keyboard with microfiber cloth thoroughly by cleaning each key of the keyboard.

Step 4: Take a picture of the keyboard before removing the keys

To remember the position of each key of the keyboard you should take the picture from your smartphone before removing them.

Step 5: Remove the keys using the pry bar carefully

First take a picture of your keyboard then start removing the keys one by one and put them in a safe place so that you do not lose any of them.

Step 6: Use toothpicks to remove the dust from conners

To remove the dust in the parts of the keyboard where human fingers or any cloth cannot reach, we can use the toothpicks to surf out the dust. Mostly the corners of each key are difficult to clean so you can make use of toothpicks to clear them out.

Step 7: Use the Compressed Air Can to fly off the dust

After removing the dust or debris from the tight places, the Compressed Air Can fly off the dust particles. However, avoid the excessive use of compressed air as it can cause damage to your keys on the keyboard.

Step 8: Disinfect your keys and wipe them with microfiber cloth

Now use the wipes to disinfect the inner keys carefully and then wipe them clean.

Step 9: Place the keys on their position and used the wipes to disinfect them

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the inner side of the keys, place the keys back on their respective position according to the arrangement by seeing the picture you have taken. Next to disinfect and clean the keys use the wipe and clean each key and then use the clean microfiber cloth to dry the keyboard.

Step 10: Connect the battery if removed and turn on your laptop

After carefully drying the keyboard, connect the battery of your laptop if you have removed it earlier and turn it on. To check if all the keys are working properly open the notepad and press all the keys one by one and if any of the keys is not working then check if it is not pressed properly in its position.

Quick way to clean your keyboard

One thing that you should remember is that if you do not have the tools  we mentioned then you can clean your keyboard by using your perfume with microfiber cloth as the perfumes have some amount of alcohol which acts as disinfectant. The method of making the microfiber cloth wet with the perfume and wiping of the dust from the keys can also clean your laptop’s keyboard.


There are two basic devices through which we can give input to our laptop or computer one is the mouse and other is the keyboard. In laptops both are embedded in it so there is a chance that they might stop working if no proper care is taken. So, in this guide we have explained how you can clean laptop keyboards properly in detail.

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