How Spoke Combines Music and Voice for a Fresh Approach to Meditation

Have you ever reached for your phone in the middle of a busy day to take a quick break, only to end up mindlessly scrolling through social media yet again? What if there was a way to take a few minutes to relax and ease your mind instead?

A moment of mindfulness or meditation is the answer for many, but you may have found more traditional forms of meditation just don’t suit you. That’s where SPOKE may help.

What Is SPOKE?

SPOKE claims that it is the new generation of mindfulness. It’s a meditation app with a difference. Created by a group of musical artists working with scientific advisors in London, UK, SPOKE seeks to provide meditations for music lovers who would like to improve their mental health. Each meditation, or “episode,” features a combination of music and spoken word to create a relaxed state in the listener. SPOKE claims that listening to these can also boost your confidence and improve your mindset.

Download: SPOKE for iOS (Free)

Getting Started With SPOKE

When you first open SPOKE, you’ll identify your current mood on a chart. Next, you’ll answer a couple of simple questions about what has brought you to the app. You’ll then receive your personal meditation experience for that day, with a series of meditation “episodes” to venture through.

Exploring Meditation on SPOKE

Each meditation starts with a few words of guidance, including advice to listen through headphones for the most immersive experience.

As the first beats start, the difference in tone from meditating with Calm or most other apps you have tried is instantly evident. SPOKE describes its sonic experience as “Lo-Fi Hip Hop, soothing beats and ambient world sounds.” It uses healing frequencies within each soundtrack. Add in binaural beats, 8D sounds, alpha waves, and Solfeggio frequencies, and you get a complex, layered experience. At first, it feels more like a Spotify playlist than a meditation.


Then the words begin, spoken in a south London English accent. This also marks SPOKE out as different, since many popular meditation apps are US-based. The speech is poetic and lyrical, and each message delivered is positive and fresh. You can close your eyes as advised or read the lyrics in the app’s interface.

Episodes are short and, at the end, a display shows which skills you have gained upon completion. Gaining skills unlocks further episodes, which encourages you to return each day.

Using the Explore Tab to Navigate SPOKE

Although you are encouraged to complete your personalized daily meditation plan, you can also explore SPOKE’s features using the Explore tab. Here you can choose episodes by category, including those designed to help you wind down, gain motivation, or energize. Other types include instrumentals and sleep meditations.

You can save your favorites for easy access in a dedicated section here.

Meditate Using Your Favorite SPOKE Artists

Another way to explore the SPOKE landscape is via the Artists tab. If you have particularly enjoyed an episode by a specific producer or artist, you can look them up here, read a short profile or interview, and choose to listen to more of their recordings. This is a great way to delve deeper into the app, finding inspiration from someone whose outlook you admire.

It is worth noting that each artist has been trained by neuroscientists, psychologists, and therapists to make their episodes as effective as possible.

How Is SPOKE Different From Other Meditation Apps?

SPOKE is different in approach to meditation from just about every other app on the market. The content of each episode is thought-provoking, the unique mix of music and spoken word gives variety to each listening experience, and the soundtrack is truly amazing. There are more than seven hours of guided audio, with regular additions to the catalog, and it’s all completely free.

If you think you would appreciate a more traditional form of meditation, check out how to make the most of Headspace.

Retune Your Mind With Spoke

SPOKE has a target market of people who may feel put off by the more traditional meditation apps. If you have always steered clear of meditation, SPOKE may be your entry route to its many benefits.

If you are looking for other ways to be mindful, there are numerous apps and podcasts you can turn to for relaxation and positivity.

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