How Amaru: The Self-Care Pet Can Upgrade Your Self-Care Routine

Nowadays, there is a mobile app for just about everything, from calorie counting apps like MyFitnessPal to online dating apps like Tinder. And self-care is no exception.

In simple terms, self-care means actively taking care of your mind, body, and soul. However, sometimes you need help remembering to engage in regular self-care. This is where self-care apps come into the picture. Amaru is a virtual self-care pet that’s different from any other mobile game or app. Let’s take a look at what it’s all about.


What Is Amaru: The Self-Care Pet?

You’ve probably heard of Finch, the self-care pet app, and Amaru is a similar virtual pet for you to take care of. When you care for Amaru, you’re essentially caring for yourself.

Amaru is not only cute, but he’s an awesome companion, too. You can play with him, feed him, and pet him. All of these actions deepen your bond with Amaru and each self-care goal you complete levels up your Aura.

The creators recommend that you play with Amaru for about 10 to 30 minutes per day and collect Goal Gems to keep up your daily streak. If you skip this for a long period, Amaru starts to feel anxious again. The Amaru app has several interesting features, such as gratitude journaling and guided meditation. Now, explore these features in more detail and decide if Amaru might help you.

Download: Amaru: The Self-Care Pet for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

1. Look After and Customize Amaru

When you first meet Amaru, he is full of anxiety and doesn’t trust you. The only way to connect with him is to complete self-care goals. When you successfully complete goals from your goal list, he’ll start to feel better.

You can pet, feed, and play with Amaru. This adorable little guy loves it when you scratch him and feed him tasty local delicacies, such as persimmons, wild carrots, and bread rolls. Additionally, you can customize Amaru’s color and texture to make him look unique. The only downside is that you have to pay to unlock these options.

The more attention you give to Amaru, the more your bond grows. So if interacting with a sweet virtual pet is something you’d enjoy, then this app will appeal to you.

2. Play Mini-Games or Explore

For those who have trouble revisiting a mobile app because of boredom, this won’t be a problem with Amaru. You don’t just have to look after your virtual pet; in addition, you’ll want to return again and again to play engaging mini-games.

If playing games isn’t for you, you can send Amaru off on an adventure while you do something else or take a break from your mobile phone. He’ll return later with presents, beads, treasures, and sometimes rarities. Plus, the longer Amaru explores, the better the prizes become.

The mini-games are cute, fun, and simple enough for everyone to understand. To play, simply select the mini-game you want to take part in. A favorite is Echo Ensemble, which is a game where you’ll challenge your memory by playing back the correct melody. In contrast, Climbing Cairns is a relaxing game where you’ll test your perseverance by balancing stones.

3. Set and Track Your Self-Care Goals

When you begin the Amaru game, there are three goals already set for you; however, you can create new goals for yourself. For example, perhaps you want to do an online dance class or set a reminder to drink more water.

Once you’ve created your goals, you can then edit, delete, and assign gems to the goals you want to complete for that day. It doesn’t particularly matter if you don’t complete a goal as Amaru is still happy to bond with you, but you’ll receive extra bonuses when you maintain a daily streak.

Remember, you can set any goals you like, whether it’s to wake up earlier, meditate more, take a screen break, or connect with a loved one.

4. Take Part in Guided Meditation

One of the best features of this amazing mobile game is the four built-in guided meditations. First on the list are the special meditations, which refer to the introductory exercises to help you maintain regular self-care. Second, are the anchoring exercises that focus on grounding techniques. Third, the lightening exercises help you let go and relax. Last are the brightening lessons, which encourage positivity towards yourself and others.

Each guided meditation is available to do on different skill levels, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert. You can also choose the length of the meditation and whether you want to listen to music.

Keep in mind that to unlock further meditation lessons and practices you will need to buy Echo Stones from the shop through in-app purchases.

5. Write in Your Gratitude Journal

The free version of the Amaru app features a gratitude journal that encourages you to reflect on what you’re grateful for and explain why. The simple practice of gratitude journaling can help you to become more naturally grateful in your everyday life. Apart from writing new entries in your journal, you can also review past entries.

The gratitude journal is a valuable feature; however, it would be great to have access to a regular journal to write down your feelings in. Although it’s somewhat limited, it is available without paying.

How Much Will Amaru: The Self-Care Pet Cost You?

Now that you know what the adorable Amaru app is all about, how much will it cost you? There is a selection of different packs you can purchase in the app. Rest assured that any of them costs less than a real pet!

You need to make a single in-app purchase to unlock the All The Things bundle, which includes environment and puzzle packs, custom colors, different textures, and all the app’s base features. This is the most expensive option, but it unlocks everything you need in one purchase. Additionally, there are smaller packs you can unlock for individual fees.

Is It Worth It to Get the Paid Version of Amaru: The Self-Care Pet?

The answer to this question all depends on you! If you feel like you’d benefit from a virtual self-care pet, then it’s a small price to pay for a game that can make you more productive and happy. Plus, the Amaru app has absolutely no annoying ads, whether you pay or not—the team behind the app appears to genuinely care about its users’ wellbeing.

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