Grab New Xbox Gear With a Discount

For a limited time, Xbox gear is available with awesome discounts so you can save a bit of money while still investing in your hobby. 

When you love gaming, making sure you have the best gear available is key to a good session alongside your friends or against random people online. Well, Microsoft is running a great deal on Xbox headsets, controllers, and other gaming accessories.

Whatever you’re feeling like upgrading, there’s probably a great option available in the Microsoft store.

Grab Your Xbox Accessories

Microsoft is running a great deal for headsets, joysticks, controllers, and other accessories you’ll love. Each deal has its own availability period, so make sure you check that one too.


Headphone deals are only available through July 2nd, 2022


The joystick deals are only available through July 21st, with the exception of the T.Flight Full Kit which is going to have this awesome price through to the end of July.


These deals are available until July 2nd, 2022.

Other Accessories

The Kishi is only available at this low price until June 25th, but the other two you can buy until July 2nd.

The Xbox Gaming Universe

If you have an Xbox, something on our list has certainly caught your eye. Should you need a new controller, there are quite a few options available for you, but there are some cool joysticks on the list too. Plus, we love the Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel because it gives us a taste of what driving such a fantastic car would feel like. At least a little bit.

Don’t forget to hurry up and get your Xbox gear so you’ll have a more successful gaming session.

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