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AT&T has a substantial number of online store deals to lure customers into subscribing to one of their 36-month Unlimited plans. The plans themselves are pretty competitive with the solutions from Verizon, especially in terms of price. You can get the Samsung Galaxy S22 for free alongside an unlimited AT&T plan! Keep on reading for the details!

AT&T was the first company to switch to 3-year installment plans. These installment plans help to bring the cost down for consumers in exchange for a longer commitment to the provider. In this article, we will see how you can get a free Samsung Galaxy S22 with an unlimited plan.

The only caveat to this deal is that you will have to trade in an eligible device that is in a presentable condition (that still functions and has no scratches). Which are these devices? If you have any Samsung smartphone from the past decade forgotten somewhere, you may want to fetch it! But other brands are here too, the Google Pixel 3, for example, and the Apple iPhone 7.

Get the Samsung Galaxy S22 for free from AT&T

So if you want to get the latest and greatest smartphone from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S22, you are at the right place. The good thing is that if you place a pre-order before February 24th, 2022, you will also benefit from the free memory upgrade bonus! This means that for the price of the 128 GB device you are going to get the 256 GB for free.

AT&T makes this possible by giving out $800 of bill credit for any eligible trade-in device with a value of $35. These devices include older Samsung S and Z phones as well as iPhones, Google Pixels and Motorola smartphones. To give you an example, if your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE does not have any scratches or other considerable damage, then you are eligible for $800 of bill credits!  

iPhone 12 Unlimited Verizon deal pricing

  Unlimited Starter Unlimited Extra Unlimited Elite
Price  $75 $85 $95
Autopay & paperless billing -$10 -$10 -$10
Price of the Samsung Galaxy S22/month $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Monthly sum with the Galaxy S22 $65 $75 $85
Total Price over 36 months* $2,340 $2,700 $3060
Total Price without the deal $3,140  $3,500  $3,860
Total discount $800 $800 $800

*Note: The prices do not include the local taxes and the one-time activation fee. These are calculated during check-out.

Which plan should I choose?

AT&T plans are a bit cheaper than the competition, especially Verizon. For example, the Unlimited Extra plan costs around $5 less than the Verizon equivalent of 5G Play More. This may seem like a slight difference, but over 36 months, it sums up to $180. Yet, aside from the attractive price, the AT&T plans offer some delightful benefits.

Verizon Unlimited Plans comparison

  Unlimited Starter Unlimited Extra Unlimited Elite
Price without taxes $75 $85 $95
5G Access Free 5G Access Free 5G Access Free 5G Access
Data Unlimited Data 50 GB Premium Data + 15 GB Hotspot Premium Data  Unlimited Premium Data + 40 GB Hotspot Premium Data 
Talk & Text Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Entertainment 6 months of Stadia Pro and SD Streaming 6 months of Stadia Pro and SD Streaming 6 months of Stadia Pro, 4K UHD streaming, HBO MAX
Other Benefits AT&T ActiveArmor Security, Unlimited Texting from the US abroad, Unlimited talk, text, data in Mexico & Canada AT&T ActiveArmor Advanced Security, Unlimited Texting from the US abroad, Unlimited talk, text, data in Mexico & Canada AT&T ActiveArmor Advanced Security, Unlimited Texting from the US abroad, Unlimited talk, text, data in Mexico & Canada

The plans offer all the basics you would expect, like unlimited data, texts, and calls. The only thing to pay attention to is that the cheaper plans do not have unlimited premium data. When traffic in your location is heavy, your speeds will be lowered temporarily. Of course, if you are planning to get more lines, you get a nice discount for every that you add.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S22 the right device for you?

nextpit samsung galaxy s22 vs s22 plus closeup2 clr2
This is what the Samsung Galaxy S22 and the S22+ look like! / © NextPit

The Samsung Galaxy S22 was just released and has still to make it to the hands of consumers. The device is currently available for pre-orders until February the 24th, and customers can benefit from free memory upgrades until then. Our detailed reviews may not be ready yet, but there are quite a few things to say about the Samsung Galaxy S22. In the previous days, we did get the chance to have a hands-on session with all the devices and you can find our detailed coverage below. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 Full Coverage

The device comes equipped with the best display Samsung has ever delivered on a smartphone. The Dynamic AMOLED 2x screen is at 6.1″ and the refresh rate goes up to 120Hz. The brightness here is considerable, at 1,750 nits which are more than enough for vivid HDR content reproduction that will make the best out of your streaming subscriptions.

The cameras are equally impressive on paper. There is a 50MP primary wide-angle lens with OIS and Dual Pixel AF. With the S22, you will also get a 12 MP ultra-wide alongside a 10MP telephoto lens with 3x optical magnification.

On the inside, you can expect the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, coupled with 8 GB of RAM. Unfortunately, the battery is on the lower side, at 3,700 mAh, and charges at 25W.


This deal is quite good. You are basically getting a 256 GB flagship for the price of your old phone. With the ability to trade-in devices that are around 5 years old and get the full benefit, then this deal basically becomes a steal, but you will have to commit for 3 years to the same carrier.

Additionally, you get a fairly priced plan for the next three years that is free from jargon and needless subscriptions, with the different levels offering a compelling alternative to the competition. 

So what did you think of this deal? Are you taking advantage of the new 36-month contracts? Let me know in the comments! 

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