Every Microsoft Paint Keyboard Shortcut for Windows 10 and 11

If you create artistic masterpieces in Microsoft Paint, here’s how you can streamline your process with keyboard shortcuts.

Microsoft Paint is one of the original Windows tools, since it was included in the first version of the operating system in 1985. Many people hold nostalgic memories for it—the program often served as a fun distraction from school or work, and its simple tools meant that anyone could pick it up and start drawing.

Though in 2017 it looked like the beloved image editing tool would be replaced by Paint 3D, classic Paint reigned supreme. After some years of neglect, Microsoft redesigned Paint for Windows 11. While Microsoft Paint pales in comparison to free third-party alternatives, it still provides an accessible canvas for all ages and abilities.

If you use Microsoft Paint on Windows 10 or Windows 11, you should make use of its keyboard shortcuts. These will help you navigate the program quickly, giving you the room to focus on creating your masterpiece. To help you out, we’ve rounded up all of Microsoft Paint’s keyboard shortcuts.

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Microsoft Paint Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10 and 11

Shortcut Action
Ctrl + A Select the entire canvas
Ctrl + B Bold, when text is selected
Ctrl + C Copy the selection to the clipboard
Ctrl + E Open the Image Properties window
Ctrl + G Show/hide grid lines
Ctrl + I Italicize, when text is selected
Ctrl + N Create a new file
Ctrl + O Open an existing file
Ctrl + P Print
Ctrl + R Show/hide ruler
Ctrl + S Save
Ctrl + U Underline, when text is selected
Ctrl + V Paste from the clipboard
Ctrl + W Open the Resize and Skew window
Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + Y Redo
Ctrl + Z Undo
Up arrow Move the selection up
Down arrow Move the selection down
Left arrow Move the selection left
Right arrow Move the selection right
Ctrl + Numpad plus (+) Increase the width of the active tool
Ctrl + Numpad minus (-) Decrease the width of the active tool
Ctrl + Page up Zoom in
Ctrl + Page down Zoom out
Shift + F10 Show the context menu
F11 View in full screen
F12 Save as new file
Alt + F4 Close Paint

Are You Ready to Graduate From Microsoft Paint?

Microsoft Paint is fantastic for quick doodles and edits, but it’s not so useful when it comes to more advanced image editing. If you think it’s time to graduate from Microsoft Paint, don’t worry about shelling out for a Photoshop license—there are plenty of free Microsoft Paint alternatives.

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