Dying Light 2 Inhibitors: How To Easily Find More Inhibitors

In Dying Light 2, players have three main resources: daylight, health, and stamina. And while the sun is far out of your control, how much health and stamina you have is relatively easy to change. Dying Light 2 will introduce you to Inhibitors, powerful drugs that fend away infection, early on, but these shots are an essential resource that can be easily found throughout the game. Here’s how you can find more Inhibitors in Dying Light 2.

Walk the city

They GRE Key indicator at the bottom left of the screen shows how far away Inhibitor caches are.
They GRE Key indicator at the bottom left of the screen shows how far away Inhibitor caches are.

All you have to do is keep your eyes out for a small tracker to show up in the bottom left of your screen along with a picture of your GRE Key. Inhibitors can be found all across the open world of Dying Light 2, usually inside buildings or even safehouses. To get to them, all you have to do is follow the tracker, which simply says how far away from an Inhibitor cache you are. However, the tracker will only show up when you are within close proximity of an Inhibitor–about 50 meters.

Once you reach the cache you’ll probably have to fight off some zombies, but it’s a small price to pay for the essential resource. Just be sure to keep a constant eye out for the tracker to set off while you’re running across the city. The tracker is likely to show up quite often while you’re playing, as there are 126 Inhibitors in the game.

Later in the game, you’ll start to be able to activate radio towers. Once you do, each tower will ping on your map all Inhibitors in a region. This makes the late-game Inhibitor clean-up much easier to manage.

Enter the fighting pit

You can fight GRE Anomalies to earn extra Inhibitors
You can fight GRE Anomalies to earn extra Inhibitors

Across Dying Light 2’s city are Dark Zones and GRE Anomalies, both of which can offer a steady supply of Inhibitors, though at a price. Dark Zones are especially dangerous areas that can only be entered at night since they’re packed with biters during the day. Even at night, you’ll have to be careful in these areas, as you can easily be swarmed if they alert the undead sleeping inside.

GRE Anomalies are similar in that they can only pay out Inhibitors at night. However, instead of sneaking past the undead, you’ll have to fight an evolved undead in a mini-boss fight. After taking it out, along with whatever other zombies it may summon, you’ll be free to loot a container loaded with GRE goods, including high-level crafting materials, sellable resources, and yes, more Inhibitors.

Better, faster, stronger

In Dying Light 2, you admittedly might not make it too far if you don’t constantly collect Inhibitors. With three of the shots on hand, you can upgrade either your health or stamina, which naturally, gives you more of each. However, upgrading your health and stamina will also unlock more of the game’s strength and parkour skill trees.

Certain skills on both trees require that players have a certain amount of stamina or health, with the former being tied to parkour and the latter relating back to combat skills. If you want to be able to dropkick a zombie, invest in health, but if you’re looking to easily traverse around the city and fight using parkour, you’ll want to put your Inhibitors towards stamina.

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