Shared DirectAdmin License

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Benefits of our cheap Shared DirectAdmin License

The DirectAdmin licenses offered by shared license have no restrictions on receive updates directly and by using up to date methods, it will bypass the license on your server

You can change your IP at least 2 times for each license

All licenses can be easily installed on the server with a few simple commands and you can support the config request and also installation by us is free if you wish And you have to send your server access via ticket.



No Setup fee

ESP System
Full access to all features
Advanced performance
Direct Update
Free Configuration
Premium support
Cancel anytime
3 Times free IP change

Compare shared license with the original

Access to all feature

Access to all feature

Automatic debugging

Solve server problem automatically

24/7 Support

Online support for troubleshooting

Cheap price

Cheap license provider

High system security
100% security of licenses
Secure payments
All payments are secured.

About DirectAdmin

Definitely after cPanel control panel, the most popular Hosting control panel is the DirectAdmin control panel, which has beautiful graphics and very high speed when working
One of the most important differences between cPanel and DirectAdmin is their pricing policy
Directadmin has a lower price point than cPanel, so those for whom price is important use DirectAdmin
In DirectAdmin, it is also possible to provide a reseller, but to provide a master reseller or alpha reseller, you must use the DAreseller plugin, which you must provide separately

Buy the features that DirectAdmin provides :

  • Support for POP / IMAP system in Direct Admin user interface
  • Full FTP support Users can easily create an unlimited number of FTP accounts
  • Full DNS control in Direct Admin
  • Accurate and advanced statistical system
  • Frontpage extensions
  • Sub Domain
  • File manager with a very simple and complete environment
  • Support and management of MYSQL database
  • Advanced backup and backup system with the ability to restore backups with just one click
  • Manage error pages
  • Advanced features such as SSL installation
  • Ability to provide a reseller
  • Ability to backup users automatically
  • High security by default


Yes, you can upgrade to the latest version at any time without any problems.

Our system is completely secure, and by installing our system, only your license section will be updated and nothing will happen to your information.

To use our system you must delete other provider licenses
Our system does this for you

Yes, you can do this at any time without any problems.

No, our system automatically checks the license status and updates it if it is interrupted

This is a shared license, which means that we share a main license between several servers with the methods we have.