Carrot Weather gains forecast layers and map redesign with 3D globe view, smart zoom, much more

After winning both an Apple Design Award and an App of the Year Award last year, Carrot Weather is out with its first major update for 2022. Arriving with this release is a rebuilt and faster than ever weather maps experience, layers for forecasts, access to individual radar stations, a new smart zoom feature, and more.

Carrot Weather 5.5 for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch is available now from the App Store.

The release comes with a solid list of improvements and changes including totally rebuilt weather maps for a “lightning fast” experience. There are now 6 different map styles along with a new 3D globe to go along with the 2D option.

Map layers are now available for forecasts (up to 48 hours) and a new inspector tool makes it easy to see the exact values of data on the map.

Another handy new feature is “smart zoom” that lets you zoom in to see the radar, zoom out to show the short-term forecast, and zoom out further out to see the extended forecast.

Other additions with the 5.5 update include new secret locations, animated GIF sharing, layer presets, an in-depth guide, and new full-screen mode.

Carrot Weather is available on the App Store as a free download for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Premium, Ultra, and Family subscriptions are available as in-app purchases to unlock all of the app’s features.

Release notes:

  • Weather Maps Redesign. Rebuilt from the ground up, the gorgeous new weather maps focus on readability and lightning fast loading of map layers. There are 6 map styles to choose from, plus you can toggle between a 3D globe and a 2D map.
  • Radar Stations. View data from individual U.S. radar stations. Individual stations update more frequently and show significantly more detail than the stitched-together mosaic that covers the entire country. Professional meteorologists use this high-quality data for everything from telling rain apart from snow to tracking tornadoes. This update includes the Reflectivity and Velocity products, which are used to depict storm intensity and movement/rotation, respectively; more products will be added in future updates as we get into storm season. CARROT would be the first general-purpose weather app to feature direct access to these stations – because I believe this data is useful to everyone, not just hobbyists and professionals. (To this end, I included a brief and easy-to-read guide that explains how radar stations work, why they’re so useful, and how to interpret their data.)
  • Forecast Map Layers. See up to 48 hours into the future with map layers like precipitation, temperature, wind speed, and more.
  • Inspector Tool. Display the exact values of data appearing on the map. So instead of having to guess how strong the storm that is approaching your house will be, you can just place the crosshairs over the storm and see that it’s currently dumping 1.5 inches of rain per hour on your neighbors down the road. Another first for a general-purpose weather app.
  • Smart Zoom. Zoom in to display radar, zoom out to display a short-term forecast, and zoom even further out to display an extended forecast. Zooming also automatically adjusts layer opacity and animation speeds.

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