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According to a recent report, it seems three new Mac computers have appeared in Apple’s regulatory filings. This could only mean that the American multinational technology company will be releasing brand-new products during the rumored virtual Apple event that’s supposed to occur around March 8. We don’t have a lot of information regarding these new products at this time, but reports claim that they will run macOS Monterey.

According to a Bloomberg report early this month, Apple plans to hold its first virtual product event for 2022 in March. Rumors floating around claim that the event will officially announce a new budget-friendly 5G iPhone SE 3, a new Mac, and an iPad Air 5. However, despite all these rumors, Apple has neither confirmed nor denied any news regarding the event and potential products.

That said, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple’s regulatory filings are proven to be true. Apple is required by law to file any new products it may have that use encryption technology to the Eurasian Economic Database. And based on previous events, Apple typically files these new products when the product launch event is close by. This recent filing could mean that the company will host the event sometime next month as expected, but there’s no guarantee that this is the case. Although they don’t often occur, there are some instances when Apple files products on the database but aren’t launched for almost a year.

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In any case, CNET has been monitoring these rumors for a while now. Aside from the iPad Air and iPhone SE, we expect that Apple will release a bunch of other new products for this year. These include:

  • a faster Mac Mini;
  • a new Apple display;
  • an updated 27-inch iMac, MacBook Air, and Mac Pro;
  • the iPhone 14;
  • the Apple Watch 8; and
  • AirPods Pro 2.

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