Apex Legends Brings Back Fan-Favorite Skins In Lunar New Year Sale

Apex Legends is celebrating the Lunar New Year with a sale, which runs from now until February 8 and includes a variety of fan-favorite legendary and epic skins and bundles.

The items in the Lunar New Year sale can only be purchased using Apex coins, but the 30% discount on legend skins should help ease the strain on your wallet. Even so, grabbing everything on sale will still cost you a pretty penny. Read on for the full breakdown of what you can buy in the Lunar New Year sale.

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Legendary skins

The following skins were originally released as part of the Season 8 Anniversary Collection Event and have made their return in the Lunar New Year sale at a discount of 1250 (about $12) Apex coins each.

  • Bangalore – Crimson Queen
  • Bloodhound – Hunter’s Moon
  • Caustic – Mad King
  • Crypto – Awoken Fury
  • Gibraltar – Golden God
  • Lifeline – Hell Raiser
  • Pathfinder – Friendly Fire
  • Mirage – Red Carpet
  • Octane – El Tigre
  • Revenant – Blood Ritual
  • Wattson – Rocket Scientist
  • Wraith – Hellcat


Like the individual legendary skins, the two Lunar New Year sale bundles include cosmetics originally released during the Season 8 Anniversary Collection.

  • “Wish You Wins” – This bundle costs 1,750 (about $17) Apex coins and includes epic skins for Bangalore, Lifeline, Loba, Mirage, Octane, and Wraith.
  • “Good Fortune” – This bundle costs 2,100 (about $21) Apex coins and includes epic skins for the G7 Scout, Hemlock, Spitfire, Peacekeeper, Prowler, and Wingman.

Apex Legends’ Lunar New Year sale will wrap up on February 8, which just so happens to also be the day that Season 12 kicks off with a fresh limited-time mode and a brand-new character guaranteed to shake up the meta.

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