American Girl Specials Greenlit at HBO Max and Cartoon Network

HBO Max and Cartoon Network have today announced that they are bringing the beloved American Girl franchise to their networks in an attempt to bring a younger demographic to the streaming platform. They have just greenlit two sixty-minute live action specials based on Mattel’s American Girl line, which includes an extensive range of different dolls, each with different backgrounds that help children to learn about different points in history.

The first special has the working title of American Girl: Corinne Tan. The special is inspired by the doll brand’s 2022 Girl of the Year, Corinne Tan and will follow the 13-year-old ski enthusiast, Corrine, as she navigates her parents’ divorce. She and her 10-year-old sister, Gwynn, struggle to adjust to the realities of a new, blended family. However, when she decided to train a puppy named Flurry to become a search-and-rescue dog, she is able to find a new purpose and sense of direction. The special will explore themes of perseverance, self-acceptance, and sisterhood.


Amy Friedman, head of kids & family programming, Warner Bros. said of the new special, “[t]he live-action specials announced today capture the sweetness, the funniness, the chaos, and the messy imperfect genius of growing up and becoming who you are. Let’s face it, most of us can still relate to all those feelings which makes this content so resonant.” She continued, “[t]hese projects are a reflection of our commitment to bring in more girls and teens to HBO Max and Cartoon Network with authentic, fun, courageous, and emotional stories that speak to kids lives now.”

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American Girl: Corinne Tan will be directed by Angela Tortu, who previously worked on Fresh Off the Boat, and stars Miya Cech as Corinne, Kai Cech as her sister Gwynn, and Michelle Krusiec as their mom, Judy. Executive producers for American Girl: Corinne Tan include Fred Soulie and Phil Breman for Mattel Television. Larry Grimaldi, Hannah Pillemer, and Fernando Szew serve as executive producers on the special for MarVista Entertainment. Adam Shepard serves as co-executive producer.

A second American Girl special is also in the works, per today’s announcement. Its premise and title have not yet been announced, however, it is expected to premiere next year. American Girl: Corinne Tan is scheduled to premiere this December in the U.S. on Cartoon Network, and will be available on HBO Max the following day.

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