A Persona 4 Game Boy “Demake” Demo Is Now Available To Play

In a world where bigger games with “better” graphics are seemingly in constant demand, demakes are an intriguing counterpoint. Such is the case with a recent Persona 4 Game Boy “demake,” created by SeanSS (@SeanSS_twt), that just released on

SeanSS built the demake on the free GB Studio engine and it is one of their “very first projects using the engine.” To play it, you can open it directly on your browser or you can download the file and use an emulator.

What is a demake? Demakes do the opposite of remasters, essentially, transporting a game into the past and what it might’ve looked like on an older platform. Game Boy has been a popular platform of choice for demake artists (though arguably there are more PlayStation demakes on the internet). Some cool ones to check out are a Demon Soul’s demake by Christopher Pariano and a Sea of Thieves’ demake by Voxy.

Earlier this week, Lilith Walter’s Bloodborne PSX demake went viral online. With CRTV grain and faithful (but creative) adaptation of the game, Bloodborne’s PSX’s demake is a delightful spin on the original bloody combat game.

We’ve reached out to SeanSS for quotes about their Persona 4 demo project, and will update if there’s a response.

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