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A Guide to WhatsApp Video Calling: Everything You Need to Know

WhatsApp connects users all around the world. The app allows people to communicate through text messages, voice, or by using WhatsApp video calling. And like any instant messenger, WhatsApp’s video calling is feature-rich.

Here’s a guide on how to make WhatsApp video calls on desktop and mobile, as well as everything you need to know about its limits.


WhatsApp Video Calling? You Need to Know This

Video calling is precisely what it sounds like. You “call” a contact you have on WhatsApp, and both of you can see each other on your smartphone screens. It’s what Skype and FaceTime have been doing for years.

Video calling on WhatsApp also works across both Android and iOS. That’s what makes WhatsApp one of the best smartphone apps for cross-platform video calls. If you have any security concerns, check out these tips to make WhatsApp more secure and private.

WhatsApp video calls are free locally and internationally, meaning that WhatsApp isn’t charging you any money to make the call. However, video calls require an internet connection, so they consume data from your phone’s data plan;

If you are using WhatsApp to call someone over a Wi-Fi connection, your phone’s network carrier won’t charge you anything.

A quick reminder: you can check how much data WhatsApp video calls use, thanks to these WhatsApp tricks everyone should know. And to ensure you get all the features, download the latest version of WhatsApp.

Download: WhatsApp for Android | iOS (Free)

What You Can Do With WhatsApp Video Calling

WhatsApp video calling is part of the existing voice calls feature. You can contact old friends who use the app and chat as though they were sitting in front of you.

You can hold business meetings, work with small teams, and even keep in touch with friends in other countries. WhatsApp’s features are all exceptionally robust.

How to Make a WhatsApp Video Call on Mobile

Placing a WhatsApp video call on your phone is quite simple. Here’s how:

  1. First, tap the Contact you want to talk to.
  2. Now tap the Video Camera icon to the right of their name at the top of the screen. The other person can answer the call by tapping the green Video button or reject the call by tapping the red Phone button. If they answer, you’re ready to go.

By default, WhatsApp video calls use the front-facing camera of your phone. However, you can switch this to the rear Camera at any point with a tap on the screen. It’s seamless and just works.

You can also mute the microphone, so the other person can see you but not hear you—just tap the Microphone icon at the bottom of the screen. To mute the audio from the speakers, use your phone’s volume buttons.

How to Make a WhatsApp Video Call on Your PC

Making a WhatsApp video call on your PC is just as easy. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Launch WhatsApp Desktop on your PC and select the Contact you want to call.
  2. Next, click on the Video Camera icon at the top-right of the screen. You will then see your face and that of the person you’re calling displayed in a small window in the top-right corner of the screen, with your chat in the background. You can maximize the display to get a better view of yourself and of the person you’re calling.
  3. At the bottom of the video call display are options to toggle your Camera on or off, turn your Microphone off, and End the call. Tap the three-dot Menu to access WhatsApp video call Settings to adjust your preferences.

Unlike on mobile, you can view your other Chats on the left side of the screen while on a video call on your PC.

Group WhatsApp Video Calls

You can make a WhatsApp video call with up to eight participants at the same time. That means you can chat to seven friends or loved ones all in one call. Group video calls consume more data as well.

How to Place a WhatsApp Group Call on Your Mobile

Here’s how to place a WhatsApp group call on your phone:

  1. First, start a one-on-one call with anyone on your contact list. Then tap the Video icon next to their name.
  2. If you want to add more people once the person has answered the call, swipe up on the upward Arrow above the in-call options buttons and tap Add Participant. The icon looks like a person with a plus sign next to them at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Now select the Contacts you want to call, and repeat for up to seven additional people.
  4. If you want to place a call from within a group chat, open the chat and tap the Camera icon in the top-right corner. This will call everyone in the chat simultaneously.

The process is simple and easy. You just need to ensure that everyone else you’re adding to the video call has WhatsApp. Currently, you cannot place a group video call on your PC, but that may change in the future.

Multitasking While on a WhatsApp Video Call

Another highlight of WhatsApp’s video calls is the multitasking feature. Most smartphone video calls force you to use the video call and prevent you from using anything else, meaning you can’t multitask. However, WhatsApp has no such restrictions.

On your phone, you can tap the back Arrow in the top-left corner of the screen to check other messages that someone has sent you on WhatsApp and even reply to them. To return to your video call, just tap the green Bar at the top of the screen.

On your PC, click on the background to access the contacts you want to text while on a WhatsApp video call. You will continue to see the Preview of your call in the top-right corner of the screen.

Did you know that WhatsApp has a range of shortcuts you can use? Check out our article on every WhatsApp Desktop keyboard shortcut you need to know.

How Much Data Do WhatsApp Video Calls Use?

WhatsApp’s focus is to make your video call look as crisp as possible. So if your internet speeds support higher quality video, then WhatsApp will take full advantage. Unfortunately, that results in high data usage. If you’re not on Wi-Fi, you can quickly go through a lot of cellular data.

On average, we found a minute’s call to use around 13.1 MB of data on 5G. This isn’t terrible, but it is enough to warrant keeping an eye on. A few Twitter users also recorded similar numbers.

To combat high data usage, WhatsApp offers a setting to reduce the data used on voice calls. If you’re worried about exceeding your monthly data allocation, this option may help you avoid overages.

There’s Much More to WhatsApp

Video calling is an essential tool, and WhatsApp has done an impressive job with it. In addition, the service is getting more stable and reliable as updates occur.

That said, WhatsApp offers many desirable features in addition to video calling. Overall, the service is more than just an instant messenger. With its range of features, WhatsApp is quickly becoming its own social network.

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