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9 Reasons Why Photographers Should Still Use Instagram in 2022

Since its early days, many people interested in photography have automatically turned to Instagram. But with a bigger shift to video content in 2021, we started seeing signs that some photographers were reconsidering using the platform.

Although many photographers have thought about leaving Instagram, the platform remains one of the best places to showcase your work and connect with others. Don’t believe us? Keep reading, and we might convince you.

Why Have Photographers Been Leaving Instagram?

During the summer of 2021, Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri famously took to Twitter to talk about the social media giant’s plans for the second half of that year. In a video on his account, he said that Instagram was “no longer a photo-sharing app”.

The announcement was taken out of context and disgruntled many photographers, thinking that Instagram was leaving them behind altogether. Several prominent photographers even talked about the benefits of using Twitter for photography instead, which has gained more of a reputation as a hangout for picture-takers.

Why Instagram Is Still a Great Platform for Photographers

If you’re a photographer who has felt disillusioned by Instagram, let us assure you that the platform can still give you immense value. Below are the top reasons why.

1. Instagram Has Brought Back the Chronological Feed

One of the biggest gripes that many Instagram users have had in the past is the lack of a chronological feed. However, the company reintroduced this feature in March 2022.


With the chronological feed introduction, you can choose whether you want to see posts for everyone you follow. Alternatively, you can select Favorites, showing you content for the users you’d like to see first.

If you want to change your feed to a chronological one, you can follow the instructions listed in this article.

2. You Could Earn Money in the Long Run

YouTube’s monetization features are well-known, the TikTok Creator Fund has helped many people build an additional revenue stream, and Twitter has also focused on introducing monetization opportunities. But many have criticized Instagram for not doing likewise.

That, however, might change in the future. When speaking about Instagram’s 2022 plans, Mosseri said that the company wants to “help creators make a living on our platform”.

If you focus on building an Instagram audience now, you could potentially generate additional income in the long run.

3. Instagram Is Starting to Value Original Content Again

Perhaps one of Instagram’s biggest problems is that everything popular gets copied. We’ve all seen photos from the same location and angle feature on multiple people’s feeds, and feeling pressure to fit in can stifle many photographers’ creativity.

If you’re one of the photographers frustrated by the lack of originality on Instagram, you might want to stick around a little longer; things are potentially about to change.

Instagram has said that it will aim to make original content more visible in people’s feeds, meaning that you might achieve additional exposure by simply being yourself.

4. You Can Learn a New Skill

TikTok’s astronomical success means that Instagram can’t ignore video content. And with the success that Reels has enjoyed since being introduced, why would the company want to?

Videos aren’t going anywhere, and the demand for this kind of content is huge. Instead of being deterred by this, you can use it as an opportunity to learn a new skill.

Reels are pretty fun to create, and you might discover a new passion if you choose to make videos alongside your photography. Why not take things a step further and start a photography YouTube channel?

5. Many Opportunities to Get Fun and Creative

The days of Instagram being purely about image-sharing are long gone; nowadays, the platform is multifaceted and has several interesting features to help you stand out. If you’re open to trying new things, you can have fun and let your creative juices flow.

Stories are an excellent way to show another side of your creativity, and you can also think about how to make an aesthetically-pleasing feed. You might also want to consider experimenting with captions.

6. Instagram Is Still Very Relevant

Even with the numerous changes to Instagram, the platform remains one of the most important for photos. Even if Twitter has become more accommodating for photographers, many people turn to Instagram for images.

If you want to grow an online presence as a photographer, you can certainly do worse than sticking with Instagram.

Most casual users enjoy looking at pictures on Instagram, but has everyone who is serious about photography suddenly upped their sticks and abandoned the platform?

Well, no. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Many photographers still use Instagram, meaning that it’s still an excellent place to connect with others who enjoy clicking buttons on their cameras. So, if you see a photographer you like, why not send them a message of appreciation?

8. Many Prospective Clients Still Use Instagram

If you want to grow a photography business, you’ll need to consider where prospective clients hang out. Ideally, you’ll build a presence in those areas so that you become one of their go-to options.

Regardless of Instagram’s changes regarding photo-sharing, many businesses and directors still use the platform. You don’t need Instagram to get hired for creative projects, but having an account definitely won’t hurt.

9. Easily Connect With Your Audience

If you’re keen to build a deeper relationship with your audience, you must connect with them personally. You can gain admiration without social media—but since many people who like your work will be online, having some kind of presence online is a good idea.

With Instagram, you can respond to and like comments from people that like your work. Moreover, you can reply to messages and discover hidden gems.

Instagram has certainly evolved since its early days, but you don’t need to abandon the platform completely. While you might not grow as quickly if you only focus on photos, you can use the new tools to expand your creativity and continue connecting with interesting people.

If you keep using Instagram in the long run, you might also unlock new opportunities with potential clients and other forms of monetization.

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