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8 Selfies You Should Never Share on Social Media

The trend of taking selfies has soared over the last decade. Whether we are in the cabin working or riding in the car, we cannot resist taking selfies. While selfies are a great way to preserve memories that you can cherish later, not all of them are worth sharing on social media.

In this article, we’ll cover a list of selfies that you shouldn’t share on social media to avoid getting embarrassed or facing legal consequences.


1. Selfie With Embarrassed Background

Besides what you’re doing in the selfie, people notice the background—and a slight oversight in capturing something embarrassing in the background is bound to make others laugh. Even if you’ve never experienced it, posting such a selfie on social media can cause great embarrassment.

In a post on Reddit, a man declared that he hates his girlfriend for taking pictures of him sleeping, while the mirror shows that he is unleashing his creativity to use his toes. It is commendable that he was able to accomplish such a feat, but the lesson we should take away from it is that a mirror in the background can also expose and embarrass us.

Therefore, before you post your selfie on social media, it’s crucial to ensure there’s nothing in the background that could invite people to laugh about or comment on it, causing you to feel embarrassed.

2. Selfie With Money

Having a great deal of cash on hand naturally compels us to capture the moment. Although taking such a selfie is perfectly acceptable, posting it on social media doesn’t make sense. By posting it online, you give burglars a reason to break into your house.

In an incident, a robber showed up at an 18-year-old’s house after he posted a Snapchat story with cash. reported that the robber got away with $280 cash and a precious watch.

Therefore, if you don’t want to be bothered by unwanted guests, it’s better not to let the world know how much cash you have got.

3. Selfie With Illegal Weapon

Possessing an illegal weapon is a serious crime and posting a selfie while holding it or showing it in the background can put you in a lot of trouble. If you live in a state where it’s illegal to have a specific gun you’re hiding, avoid posting a selfie while holding it.

As reported by Business Insider, a 42-year-old man was sentenced to over 15 years in prison for posting a selfie of himself with a .45 caliber firearm. So, if you don’t want to end up behind bars for one selfie, don’t post such selfies on social media.

4. Selfie in Voting Booths

Another place where you should never carry your cell phone is the voting booth. Also, if using your phone inside the polling booth is illegal, and you happen to take a picture of yourself casting a vote, avoid sharing it on social media. Don’t do this, even with an aim to spread the word to vote.

As reported by The News Minute, a man was arrested for taking a selfie in a voting booth while casting his vote. So, despite the urge to show your support for a party you openly endorse, refrain from taking selfies inside the polling booth.

5. Selfie When Drunk

It’s perfectly fine to capture moments when you’re drunk or have someone else do it for you. Once you’re sober again, you can cherish these moments and laugh at them. However, frequently posting selfies with a can of wine in hand on social media can be harmful to you.

While you may ruin your reputation by doing this, it may also prevent you from landing your dream job. Employers may look at your social media presence, and seeing you drunk won’t help your job search.

So, if you don’t want anything like that to happen someday, you should keep selfies from drunken nights to yourself and avoid sharing them on social media.

6. Selfie With Confidential Documents

Sharing confidential documents on social media, such as birth certificates and boarding passes, can also get you into trouble. If such information gets into the wrong hands, they could easily manipulate it to cause you financial, legal, and social harm.

Check out our guide on different types of information that you should never share online. Before clicking the upload button, make sure the selfie does not reveal any of this data. If you are tempted to share it on social media, hide or blur the critical information beforehand.

7. Selfie While Doing an Illegal Activity

Engaging in illegal activity is a crime, but sharing it on social media would be a terrible mistake. You should never take a selfie if you are hunting in an illegal area, accelerating your speedometer over the speed limit, or engaging in similar activities. Even if you do, avoid posting it on social media.

A similar selfie has helped the FBI catch a robber whose likeness matched the data from a security camera, reported The New York Post. Whether you break the law by some margin or commit a serious crime, it is best not to share it on social media to avoid getting into trouble.

8. Selfie at Work or Unauthorized Places

A selfie at work or in other places where you are not allowed to take your mobile out of your pocket, such as a courtroom or police station, could get you fired or slapped with hefty fines.

Check out the company’s policies and rules for the places you’re visiting before you even take the picture. Even if you accidentally do that, do not post it on social media with a check-in associated with it, making it easier for authorities to bust you.

The Daily Mail reported that a man was fined £400 for taking a selfie in court and posting it on Facebook. You can avoid a similar incident happening to you by letting go of the urge to share the fun you are having on social media.

Apart from selfies, there are other types of posts you should not share on social media—see our breakdown of the things you should not share online.

Selfies to Avoid Posting on Social Media

Now that you know which selfies to avoid, always think twice before publishing them on social media to avoid giving others the chance to make fun of them or land yourself in legal trouble.

Additionally, you should avoid taking selfies that pose a risk to your life or the lives of others. Some risky selfies you should never take are on a tall site, with a dangerous animal, while driving, and on construction sites.

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