8 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Installing a Dash Cam

A dashcam is an advanced Electronic Logging Device (ELD) that records your front view (and rear view with a second dashcam) through your windshield and sometimes, depending on the brand, the rear view of your car.

Outside of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) significant road safety regulations, there are many reasons to consider installing a dashcam in your vehicle, which is why we’re going to walk you through the importance of investing in a dashcam and how it can save you when you least expect it.

1. You’ll Have First-Hand Evidence of an Accident

Suppose you get in a car accident, and the other parties bring a lawsuit against you. Now, suppose you believe your actions behind the wheel didn’t cause the accident; how can you get out of it and prove your innocence?

The answer is a dashcam.

When you install a working dashcam, you’ll have first-hand evidence of an accident. The footage can exonerate you in litigation, hold the negligent party accountable, and help you save thousands of dollars in a frivolous lawsuit.

Additionally, most dashcams have advanced features that can help you access exact dates and times to disprove liability.

2. Dashcams Help to Manage Reckless Drivers

Has a friend or family member ever borrowed your car and returned it in a state that’s completely different from when they picked it up? If you install a dashcam in your car, you may never have to deal with this problem again. The presence of a dashcam can help control reckless drivers. The idea of being recorded can also cause them to adhere to the rules of the road.

If you own or manage commercial vehicles, this is one of the best reasons to install a dashcam. It can assist in better fleet protection and driver management.

3. A Dashcam Can Help You Evade Wrongfully Issued Tickets

One of the beauties of living in a democracy is that you can prove your innocence when you have been wrongly accused. And thanks to a dashcam, it’s way easier than before if the matter regards road safety.

A dashcam can get you out of a ticket if you go to traffic court to contest it. If the police issued the ticket without proper cause, you might be able to disprove liability using video footage from the dashcam. When you have no choice but to make an abrupt decision due to another driver’s action or inaction, a dashcam can also come to the rescue.

4. It Can Help Thwart Car Break-Ins and Vandalism

You should jump at the opportunity if a dashcam can help you keep an eye on your unattended vehicle. Not every car comes equipped with Sentry Mode, like a Tesla. An advanced dashcam, like a 4K UHD dashcam that records and automatically uploads footage to the cloud while in parking, can play a pivotal role in preventing car break-ins and vandalism. What this means is that it serves as a deterrent to thieves and can stop them from breaking into your car.

If your car is unfortunately broken into, you can still collect the evidence to show to the police when you file a report.

5. Replay Road Trips on a Dashcam

Considering the lock-down restrictions many of us have endured, it makes sense to install a dashcam for this reason alone. Instead of being nostalgic about a trip long gone or replaying the memories in your mind, you can watch the footage.

This is one of the wonderful perks of having a dashcam. You can even share the footage with your friends and family and replay the specific moments that captured your heart.

6. A Dashcam Can Help Make You a Better Driver

It is not uncommon for experts to review videos of themselves to perfect their craft. As a driver, you can apply the same principles to your driving. Going back to review the footage of how you operate your vehicle can contribute to making you a better driver.

A dashcam can also help you determine how long it takes for you to parallel park and whether or not you change lanes haphazardly. You can even correct driving mistakes that include braking too hard, tailgating, making unlawful turns, and driving at an incorrect speed.

7. Capture Unexpected Events

A significant number of dashcams on the market have advanced features like intuitive recording. Such devices can capture motion at a distance farther than your eyes ever could. This can help to curb oncoming accidents or prompt you to drive away from a dangerous situation.

But in the situation where you do get into an accident, you’d know exactly what caused it after reviewing the dashcam video. For example, this could be a deer darting into the road, causing an accident or road hazard.

A dashcam can also prove helpful if you leave your car unattended in unfamiliar areas or park in a poorly-lit space. Since these devices record actively even when the car isn’t in motion, you’d still have eyes on everything even when you’re not physically present.

8. A Solution for Worried Parents

If you become uneasy whenever your teenager gets behind the wheel, installing a dashcam may be the perfect solution for your family. By taking the time to review the dashcam footage at least once a week, you can help them become a better driver. If you don’t want to shell out for an expensive dashcam, you could always convert an old smartphone to a dashcam.

A Dashcam Is Worth the Investment

If you ask us, we believe every driver should install a dashcam in their car. In this age where recklessness abounds, you can’t risk getting on the road without a contingency plan. Outside of safety, it’s imperative to protect your car or have some evidence for your insurance company in case it is stolen or vandalized.

It’s up to you to explore the many dashcams on the market, from front-facing to dual-facing dashcams, and select the one that works best for you. As stated earlier, don’t overthink it; the pros of investing in a dashcam will always outweigh the cons.

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