6 Creative Ways to Break the Good News to Your Loved Ones on Windows

We can’t wait to share the good news with our family, and sharing it in a creative way adds to the joy. The most common method of sharing the news is to write it on a card and hang it on the wall, post it on social media, write it down on paper and wrap it in a gift, or use similar other methods.

Even though you may have never considered it, you can also communicate any news through your Windows computer. In this article, we’ll show you how.

1. Sharing the News With a Message on Login Screen

A custom message based on the news you wish to share on the Windows login screen is the simplest yet most effective way to do it. The news will appear on the login screen next time the system boots up so your loved ones can see it before they actually log in.

To display a custom message on the Windows login screen, follow these steps:

  1. Search for “Registry Editor” in the Windows search bar, then click the Registry Editor.
  2. Then, navigate to the following path:
  3. In the right-hand pane, right-click on legalnoticecaption and select Modify. Put the title of the good news you want to share in the Value Data field, such as “Dad, I have something to share with you.”
  4. In the right-hand pane, right-click on legalnoticetext and select Modify. In the Value Data field, type the message you want to share, such as “You are going to be a grandfather… Yay!”.


That’s all. The next time your loved ones log into your computer, the login screen notice will inform them that little champ will be joining their family in a few months.

2. Use the Help of the Sticky Notes App

To share the news using the Sticky Notes app is the same as writing it down on a card and pasting it on the wall. The only difference is that you’ll paste the note to the Windows desktop.

Follow the below steps to share the message using the Sticky Notes app:

  1. Open the Sticky Notes app by typing “Sticky Notes” in the Windows search bar.
  2. In the blank sticky note that appears on the screen, write down the news you want to share.
  3. Don’t close the message and turn off your computer.

So, the next time someone logs in, they will see a sticky note at the corner of the screen breaking the good news they have been waiting to hear for months.

3. Use a Custom Wallpaper

You can create a custom wallpaper containing the message you want to share and later make it your computer’s desktop background. You can use the design tools covered in this article to create your custom wallpaper.

Next, before you set the wallpaper on your desktop, you must first declutter it. You can remove desktop icons so that the message on the wallpaper is clearly visible by right-clicking the desktop, navigating to View, and clicking the Show desktop icons option.

By doing this, you will remove all desktop icons, and your wallpaper will be clearly visible. Now, when someone logs in, they’ll be greeted with a special message you want them to see.

4. Be Creative With a Text Document

Like you can use the wallpaper to share the good news, you can also write down the message in a text document and creatively direct your loved ones to open it when they log in.

You can do this by removing all desktop icons except for the text document, enlarging its icon size, and creatively renaming it to something like “I Want You To Open This Text File Right Now” to captivate anyone who lands on your desktop. They’ll look at what you want them to see whenever they open the document.

Although you can quickly delete the rest of the desktop icons, the recycle bin cannot be removed in the traditional way. However, removing it isn’t impossible. You can read our guide on removing the recycle bin from Windows 10 desktop.

5. Take the Assistance of Cortana to Break the News for You

Cortana, the virtual assistant for Windows users, can also help you share the good news with your loved ones. There are many ways to take its assistance, but the best is to set a reminder for a specific activity that clearly outlines what it means.

The following are some reminders you can set in Cortana that explain the hidden message clearly:

  1. Cortana, remind me to tell my parents we’ll take the bun out of the oven soon.
  2. Cortana, remind me to take my wife for the second ultrasound.
  3. Cortana, remind me to tell my parents we’ll be downloading another family member soon.

To set up a reminder, open the Cortana app, dictate or type in any of the lines mentioned above, choose a timeframe when your loved ones will be using the computer, and Cortana will do the rest.

Like how we have used different statements to break the pregnancy news, you can be creative with any news you want to share and let Cortana do it for you

6. Play a Custom Voice Message At Startup

If you are not pleased with any preceding methods, this one will be your saving grace. With this method, you can record an audio voice message in your voice and set it to be played at startup.

Before you begin, you should record your audio message and save it as a .WAV file. If it’s in a different format, you can convert it into .WAV by using an online audio converter.

After you have the audio file containing the message you want to play at startup, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Task Scheduler app by typing “Task Scheduler” into the Windows search bar.
  2. In the left sidebar, click the Task Scheduler Library.
  3. In the right-hand pane, click on Create Task…
  4. Name the task as you wish in the General tab.

  5. Navigate to the Triggers tab, click on the New… button, and select At log on (or At startup if you like) from the Begin the task dropdown menu.
  6. Afterward, check the circle for either Any user or a Specific user, and click OK.

  7. After that, click on the New… button on the Actions tab, and make sure the Start a program option is selected in the Action dropdown.
  8. Afterward, click Browse, select the audio file from your computer (in the .WAV format) and click OK.

That’s all. The next time a user logs into their account on Windows PC, an audio file will start playing automatically, notifying them about the important news you have been eagerly waiting for to let them know.

Share the Good News Creatively on Windows PC

We have shown you several ways to share the good news with your loved ones on a Windows PC. Choose the one that suits you best.

Make sure the method you choose won’t encounter any obstacles on the way to execute as you expect. For instance, if you’re using the last method, make sure your speakers are not muted. This is true for the other methods as well.

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