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5 Useful Features to Help You Get the Most Out of BeReal

BeReal is one of the newest social media platforms that asks users to drop the superficiality and post authentically. Whether you’re just starting out on the app or are an everyday user, here are five useful features that help you get the most out of BeReal.

1. Realmojis

Realmojis are the reactions you can make to another user’s BeReal post. These are similar to the “like” or “favorite” buttons (though some argue that likes have ruined other social media platforms).

To start, tap the smiley face icon on the bottom-right corner of a BeReal post you want to leave a Realmoji on. Then, choose one of two options.

The first option allows you to choose an emoji on the screen, then capture an image of yourself imitating that emoji to use as your Realmoji. This image will save as that Realmoji. You can now use your new Realmoji to react to any BeReal post by just tapping it.

Option two is the Instant Realmoji. After tapping the smiley face icon on a BeReal post, hold down on the lightning bolt with the camera open at the bottom (you probably see your face in it). This will take an instant photo of you at that moment to use as a Realmoji on that BeReal post. Instant Realmojis will not save for re-use.

You may notice little circle icons lined up in the bottom left corner of users’ BeReal posts or on the bottom of your own. These are other people’s Realmojis! Tap them to see a menu with them larger on the screen.

2. Using the Map

You may not have noticed the three little dots in the top right corner of a BeReal post, even if you have been using the app for a while. They offer a few great features though, including the app’s built-in map.

Tap those three dots and a small menu will pop up. At the top is the map that shows you where exactly the BeReal was taken. Tap the map for a larger view.

You can even tap “View Friends” in the top left corner of the map to see where all of your friends’ BeReals were taken that day. Your location is shown with a blue dot. This is similar to using the Snap Map on Snapchat, so if you are familiar with that feature, you will find the BeReal map easy to use.

3. Retakes

BeReal also keeps track of how many times someone retook their photo before posting it to the app. You can see this information by tapping those three little dots in the top right corner of a post.

This will help you know who is actually being real and who is trying to get that perfect picture. This feature is one of the ways BeReal is truly differentiating itself from other platforms, since it’s easy to feel like social media sites are becoming the same.

4. Seeing Your Memories

Do you know what happens to your old BeReals once the new one comes along? They get stored in your Memories!

To access these from the home page, go to your profile by tapping your profile picture at the top right of the screen. BeReal shows you the last 14 days of Memories here on your profile screen. To see all of your memories, tap View all my Memories. Now, you can scroll back in time and see each day you posted a BeReal.

You can also delete your Memories in Settings on the app.

5. Posting to the Discovery Tab

You may have noticed that BeReal has two feeds: Your Friends and Discovery. The Discovery tab lets you see BeReals from people all over the world, even if you are not friends. If you want to post for everyone to see on the Discovery tab, tap the button at the bottom of the screen after taking your BeReal photos.

You can select My Friends Only or Discovery.

Get More Out of BeReal

With these additional features, you can get more out of using BeReal than just taking a picture every day. The new social media has millions of downloads and is growing fast, so you’ll be ready to be part of the craze!

Make sure to explore the app’s settings and different tabs to discover additional features that you can use.

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