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4 Ways Instagram Is Improving Reels: Import Audio, Add Stickers, and More

Instagram Reels offer users a ton of ways to show off their creative skills. They’re also a great way to produce original content so that Instagram shows it to more people, which could expand your audience.

One good Reel could get you more engagement and followers on Instagram than a picture would. And Instagram is adding even more ways to engage your audience using Reels.


The app has added more features to take your Reels to the next level. So, continue reading to discover what features Instagram has added to improve Reels and take advantage of them.

Instagram is getting more updates to help you create better Reels. These are new tools that you can use to create original content, which Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes.

On June 2, 2022, Instagram began rolling out the new features to Reels. As stated in the Instagram blog post:

Let your imagination run wild with Reels, where there’s no right way to create – now it’s even easier to follow your curiosity and creativity wherever they take you on Instagram. Today, we’re rolling out new features that help you engage more with your audience and help you express your most authentic self on Reels.

The new features are designed to discourage you from reposting TikTok videos on Instagram. If you favor short-form video content, you may want to consider whether to use Instagram Reels, TikTok, or both.

If you choose to use both apps, find ways to keep your content different across the two platforms so that your followers don’t have to choose one platform over the other.

Instagram wants to help you create amazing Reels within its app. And that’s why it continues to update its Reels feature to include all the tools you need to create high-quality, engaging short-form video content.

4 Ways Instagram Is Improving Reels

Here are all the new features you can explore in Instagram Reels:

1. Upload 90-Second Reels

Instagram has bumped up its time limit for Reels from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. This means you have more room (and time) to be creative. However, it also means you have 30 more seconds to keep your audience engaged, so don’t use up the full 90 seconds if you don’t have to.

2. Use Your Own Audio

Instagram no longer limits you to using audio within the app for your Reels. Instead, it allows you to upload custom audio from your phone. This is a big deal because, sometimes, the audio you have in mind for a Reel might not be available in Instagram’s library.

It will also help you add a personal touch to your Reels with audio that other creators might not have access to. And if your audio is appealing to other creators, they might save and use it, too, which will expose your Reel to a larger audience.

3. Add Sound Effects

When it comes to Reels, timing is everything. Adding the right sound at the right time can make your content stand out. Instagram is giving you more options to do just that with the addition of sound effects to its music library.

These could be anything from animal sounds to sounds that heighten suspense. To find the sound effect you’re looking for, simply search for it in the music library just like you’d search for a song when creating a Reel.

4. Add Interactive Stickers

Stickers aren’t new to Instagram—you already use them in your Stories, and now you can use them in your Reels, too. The whole idea behind Instagram stickers is to get more engagement from your followers or audience. A good example of this is Instagram’s “Add Yours” sticker in Stories.

Reels are already engaging enough, but this adds yet another layer of engagement. When used wisely, your viewers don’t think twice about tapping your sticker, so be intentional about how you use this feature in your Reels.

Instagram Is Adding More Ways to Engage Your Audience

Engagement should be your highest priority if you’re trying to grow your Instagram account. That’s because engagement metrics like comments, clicks, and likes tell you how your audience responds to your content.

That can help you improve or double down on the type of content your audience enjoys. Instagram’s new Reels features will help you create better Reels, which in turn could get you more engagement from your audience.

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