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3 Ways to See if It’s Your Friend’s Birthday on Snapchat

You’re sure it’s your friend’s birthday, but if your track record for remembering dates isn’t the best, you shouldn’t risk sending a birthday wish yet. Instead, quickly head over to Snapchat, which comes packed with creative birthday reminders and hints, ensuring you don’t embarrass yourself by wishing them on the wrong day.

Here are some tips and tricks to see if it’s a friend’s birthday on Snapchat.

1. Keep an Eye Out for the Cake Emoji and Partying Bitmoji

Snapchat’s big about birthdays, so it unlocks two special features on a user’s birthday that are impossible to miss. If you’ve both recently conversed on the app—a cake emoji and a birthday edition bitmoji (a bitmoji happily blowing a party horn while confetti fall around) appear beside their name in the chat. It should be noted the latter only happens if your friend’s created their own bitmoji on Snapchat.

Therefore, next time you have doubts about your friend’s birthday, this app should be your go-to. Here’s how to quickly confirm if it’s your friend’s birthday on Snapchat:

  1. Launch Snapchat.
  2. Swipe left to the chat section.
  3. Scan for a cake emoji and partying bitmoji right beside your friend’s name. If you spot them, it means their birthday is today.
  4. Double-tap on their name to send them a birthday snap.

On the other hand, if you’re searching for a friend you aren’t frequently in contact with, it won’t be as easy to locate them in the chat section. Instead, here’s what you can do to find out if it’s their birthday on Snapchat:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Locate the magnifying glass icon at the top left of your screen. Tap on it to enable the Search feature.
  3. Type your friend’s name, and scan for a birthday emoji and a cake next to their name.
  4. If there’s one, wish your friend and strike up a conversation.

Birthday-related charms are another way to unveil your friend’s birthday details on Snapchat.

To view these charms:

  • Long-press your friend’s name in the chat section, which prompts a small menu.
  • Tap on View Friendship.
  • Scroll down to Charms.

There are a fun couple of charms like Friend’s Birthstone and Astrological Sign which reveal birthday month and zodiac sign. There’s the Birthday Twins charm as well, if you and your friend have birthdays in the same week, within seven days of each other. Similarly, if there’s a six-month gap between your birthday and your friend’s, you are entitled to Snapchat’s Half Birthday Twins charm.

These Snapchat birthday charms don’t help pinpoint the specific birth date unless it’s your friend’s birthday today. This unlocks a one-day birthday charm; It’s Their Birthday! In which case, you receive the confirmation you were looking for.

3. Launch Birthdays Mini on Snapchat

Birthdays Mini is an all-in-one package. It reveals if any of your friends has a birthday today, if they recently had one, or if they have their birthday coming up–but that’s not even the best part. It shows your friend’s exact birth date when you search their name (in the Birthdays Mini’s search bar). Even though there are still some things Snapchat’s Birthdays Mini doesn’t know, it’s a pretty handy and easy tool to use, which will save you from a lot of future trouble.

Here’s how you can access Snapchat’s Birthdays Mini:

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Swipe down on the camera screen.
  3. Locate Birthdays under Games & Mini, and tap it open.

If it’s your Snapchat friend’s birthday today, their excitedly jumping bitmoji, floating balloons, and confetti will greet you as soon as Birthdays Mini loads. Make their day by wishing them through a Birthday Snap and Birthday Chat.

Can I Always Find My Friend’s Birthday on Snapchat?

Most of the time, we can easily access our friend’s birthdays using these tricks on Snapchat; however, it’s impossible other times. The culprit behind this is Snapchat’s Birthdays Party feature. While it’s an applaudable privacy measure to secure your Snapchat account, it won’t feature your friend’s birthday details if they’ve disabled it.

It works best for those who don’t want to be bombarded with birthday snaps and messages or simply don’t like sharing their personal information such as this. However, if you belong to the party group and don’t mind receiving attention on your special day, check if yours is enabled. Navigate to Snapchat Settings > Birthday and ensure the Birthday Party switch is toggled on.

Brighten Their Birthday!

Now that Snapchat makes remembering birthdays easier, it allows you to order a gift for your friend in advance, plan that surprise birthday party you’ve always wanted to throw, or craft a nice, thoughtful, wish.


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